Comments: Kid conquers frustration

I completely agree that once in eight weeks is never enough.

Posted by wendel at February 10, 2005 12:06 AM


I want to play!!! Even if it means slooshing around in the slush and sleet. Once in eight weeks is not enough. Not enough! Not enough!

Why does the opportunity cost of a good education have to be the loss of my first love. (No Wendel, I'm not talking about you.) I'm referring, of course, to chasing about the evil orange plastic ball. Perhaps this weekend I will throw all caution to the wind and make a return.

Otto, do you feel like a BZZR, BBQ, Krispy Kreme challenge? Or are you still the same girlie goalie of the past?

Posted by The Colonel at February 9, 2005 12:48 AM

A nail-biter finish, a come-back win, and not one single bit of gloating, trash-talking, or even (hide your eyes Elvis) kudos to friends or foes? Could this be's darkest day?

Posted by Wendel at February 8, 2005 08:31 PM