Comments: Past bring new hope for game's future

Big D and i will be there

Posted by Nouvelle at January 13, 2019 09:42 AM

I'm in. see you in a few hours.

Posted by Joker at January 13, 2019 04:47 AM

Yes, please let me know who is coming as I don't want to waste my time when i have lots of stuff to do tomorrow.

Posted by lakattack at January 12, 2019 07:39 PM

Scooby? Doo? Beetle Boy? Cowboy? Gump? Hellooooooo...

Posted by Living Legend at January 12, 2019 07:04 PM

Who all coming tomorrow? We need peeps!

Posted by Kid at January 12, 2019 05:35 PM

Kid & Joker, can you let me know if both of you are attending this Sunday? Want to know if I need to bring goalie gear or not.

I think i just heard a pin drop...boy its quiet on this site lol!

Posted by lakattack at January 11, 2019 03:40 PM

Gentleman, Nicely done! Having the Whirling Dervish back does nothing but give me fits lol! Nice to see you back Dervish!

Sorry boys- missed due to me moving! I will be out for next week.


Posted by lakattack at January 7, 2019 12:25 PM