Comments: Silver anniversary a season-long Heritage Classic

Sounds good Doo!

Posted by lakattack at October 2, 2016 09:21 AM

I'll be missing the first few games of the year - Lak or whoever, the goalie gear will be on the porch tomorrow if need be.

Happy 25!

Posted by Doo at October 1, 2016 08:45 PM

Yak may never play again. A big black mark on a silver anniversary season.

Posted by The Colonel at September 27, 2016 08:48 PM

...but in all seriousness, what's with that stick pull?

Posted by Doo at September 21, 2016 09:02 AM

Glad to know you're keeping me on the IR, Legend. :)

Posted by Yakker at September 20, 2016 08:30 PM