Comments: Fearless roadsters frozen out

Sorry Chico, no - nothing prolonged. Hope it clears up! Isn't it something to do with the inner ear?

Posted by Yakker at December 7, 2014 09:03 AM

I am out this morning-family duties. Look forward to the pic & story later.

Posted by lakattack at December 7, 2014 08:56 AM

Indeed I was smiling! While scuba diving, I came across a sea turtle on its back which bore a striking resemblance to Joker trying to stack the pads.

My attendance this week is in jeopardy having contracted a serious case of mandatory brunch with my girlfriend's family.

Posted by Franz at December 4, 2014 08:36 AM

Hey Roadsters
Have any of you ever battled a prolonged case of vertigo?
It's been a few weeks now and my docs advice has just been to wait it out... Just wondering if any of you have suffered from this without having taken a blow to the head from Colonel :)

Posted by Chico at December 3, 2014 10:03 PM