Comments: Wendel's comeback comeuppance

Hold on to the leg pads Gumper. I'll talk to you next week.
Wont make it this Sunday but I'll be there the week after. Have a good game fellas.

Posted by Billy Idol at October 4, 2008 03:18 PM

... especially as neither of the Kits Boys that still actually play live in Kits ...

Posted by Mrs. Wendel at October 1, 2008 09:36 PM

Lobster is right. Where is the Colonel's card? Doesn't anyone want to collect it? This Kit's Boys stuff is so passe.

Posted by Mrs. Colonel at October 1, 2008 12:12 AM

hey commish, where are the new cards for the new players, there has not been an update in the collector cards for a long time

Posted by lobsterboy at September 30, 2008 04:43 PM

If by "reportedly en route" you mean sleeping, then yes, I was "en route".

Posted by Scrappy at September 29, 2008 10:05 PM

Wow, that's more press coverage and more photos than I've had in my entire road hockey career ...

Fun game guys, looking forward to more soon.

Posted by Wendel at September 29, 2008 09:14 PM

Hey Boys,

I'm holding out for more money...Idol, I bought some new pads this year, you interested in buying my old pads?

Posted by Gump at September 29, 2008 01:54 PM