September 23, 2018

Season set to start Oct. 14

Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s 27th year will begin Oct. 14.

For the first time, there’s no pre-season.

League commissioner Living Legend said the early Thanksgiving made the mid-October start tenable as the game on the long weekend is usually poorly attended.

“Even with a pre-season, it takes most of the roadsters until December to find their game legs anyway,” said the Legend.

Despite the all-in beginning, a cloud over the league’s future persists after the debacle that abruptly ended last season during the climactic Stanley Stick finale when both games were cut short after Joker stormed off to protest rough play. Pessimism for the league’s continued viability was further fuelled when only three players reported for the annual mid-summer scrimmage. Although poor air quality from wildfire smoke may have contributed to the reluctance of regulars to take to the court.

Further questions hang over the status of veteran roadsters like Bam Bam, who missed all of last season, and Beckenbauer. And it remains to be seen who will strap on the goalie pads if Joker’s dismay wasn’t tempered by a summer away from the game.

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