August 22, 2018

Pall lingers over mid-summer scrimmage

The pall cast over Sunday Morning Road Hockey by the abrupt end to lasts spring’s Stanley Stick championship series lingered to Wednesday’s annual mid-summer scrimmage.

Except this pall was real.

Only three dedicated roadsters, Scooby, Doo, and the Living Legend, gathered at the courts in the eerie orange gloom cast by heavy smoke that settled into the area from hundreds of wildfires burning throughout the Northwest. The choking haze obscured the setting sun casting the courts into an early twilight. It also gave the players pause.

“It’s like playing in a campfire,” said Doo as he slowly paced the court firing shots at the net. “It seemed to get worse in the hours before we played.”

“It feels harsh on your lungs,” said Scooby, who’s been forced inside onto a treadmill as he prepares to run his first marathon in September. “If we were going at game speed, that’s going to be a burning feeling.”

Instead the roadsters laconically ambled around the court, working on their shots and doing deflection drills.

Doo said it was their only option.

“This is something that happens,” he said. “We play outside and the weather can do whatever it wants to do.”

Still, the truncated turnout played on the players’ minds. With the mid-summer scrimmage serving as a barometer measuring hunger and anticipation for the coming season, the roadsters feared Wednesday’s lack of enthusiasm may be a portent of the fall.

“I think there still quite a few questions lingering from last year,” said Scooby. “We’re definitely a bit anxious to see how it all starts in October.”

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August 11, 2018

Scrimmage will be first test of new season

Road hockey’s midsummer scrimmage has been set for Aug. 22.

But whether the game is actually played is anybody’s guess.

The sour taste left by the abrupt end to last Spring’s Stanley Stick finale lingers. The scrimmage will be the first test if there is any kind of appetite for a new season.

The stakes are high, as this will be Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s 27th season. That season is tentatively scheduled to officially begin Oct. 14.

But whether it’s played will be up to the roadsters who will have to get past the acrimony that cast a pall over the finale of its 26th season when both games of the championship series ended early after incidents on the court. It could be the biggest crisis for the survival of the league, which has endured many ups and downs of weather, goaltending and commitment challenges over its long history.

Game time for the scrimmage is 6:30 p.m.

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