May 06, 2018

Finale feels like 'unfinished business'

Doo scored eight goals to lead his team to a 16-9 win and a two-game sweep of the Stanley Stick championship series, but there was no celebration, no pouring of champagne, no presentation of the trophy.

For the second consecutive week, Sunday’s game ended abruptly when Joker stormed off the court, frustrated by another fractious incident that overshadowed an otherwise competitive battle on a sunny, warm day. The sudden cessation left players from both teams disappointed and disheartened, and the future of the league may be in jeopardy.

“The Stick is everything that’s great about Sunday Morning Road Hockey,” said Doo.
“The Stick is when you come together because you want to play a game to 20 in the sunshine and you want to play hard for a trophy.”

Again, it was Colonel who was at the centre of the controversy as he took exception to some tight checking by Living Legend. Tempers flared, voices raised and Joker peeled off his equipment declaring he’d had enough, that this isn’t what the game is supposed to be about.

Scooby said he couldn’t disagree.

“It doesn’t feel like the season ended,” he said. “I don’t know where we go from here.”

Doo said his team’s win on the scoreboard feels incomplete.

“We’ll take the trophy, I’m confident we would have won,” he said. “But it’s going to be something that nags at you in the summer. It feels like unfinished business.”

As questions swirled whether Joker would even play Sunday, the addition of two new players — Yak and Ohio — plus the departure of Velma, certainly cast a different complexion on the second game of the finale as last week’s underdogs found themselves with two spare sets of legs. That was an important factor in the sunny, warm conditions, a marked contrast to last week’s rainy opener.

“It was a totally different game today,” Scooby said. “Having two subs, we were controlling the play, we had a lot of possession.”

But Kid was equal to challenge, time and again snuffing offensive rallies by smothering the ball.

“We had to really lean on Kid,” said Doo. “He made a lot of big saves and we had to be opportunistic when we attacked.”

Which is just what the young speedster did, despite playing with an injured hand that he submerged in an ice bucket during intermissions.

Looking to rattle Joker quickly, Doo and Lak Attack pushed the play early and staked their side to a quick 5-2 lead.

“We knew having a good start was really important,” said Doo.

While Scooby and his mates spent chunks of time controlling the ball in the offensive zone, they weren’t able to convert. That may have cost them, he said.

“We were working too hard for our goals. We definitely had to put more effort to get a goal,” Scooby said, as his team trailed 10-4 at the end of the second period.

The 2017-18 Stanley Stick Champions* are: Doo, Kid, Lak Attack, Living Legend, Ohio, Velma.

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