March 11, 2018

Velma can't save victory single-handedly

Velma scored seven goals Sunday.

But Velma’s team only scored eight while allowing 13, to squander his hot hand.

And while few of Velma’s goals could be classified as pretty, he was able to keep his team close enough most of the day to cause their opponents some anxiety.

“I thought we were able to play three-quarters of the game really well, but they were able to come on in that last quarter,” said Lak Attack of his team’s occasional swoons that allowed their Velma-led opposition back to within three goals on at least two occasions.

“They kept us on our toes,” said Scooby.

Well, it was mostly Velma who caused that angst as the evil orange plastic ball seemed to find his stick at the most opportune moments and then end up rattling around in the net after banking in off pads, posts and wayward blades.

“There definitely was a lot of strange, flukey goals,” said Scooby, who also scored a few of those himself Sunday.

“He got a few Hair Mary’s today,” said Lak Attack. “Vee was on top of it and he took advantage.”

Those opportunities presented themselves as a bare minimum number of roadsters struggled with the game’s pace in ideal, dry conditions that favoured the speedsters like Scooby.

“I find it much better on the dry courts… just because you lose an edge when you’re starting up on a wet court,” said Scooby. “You can make faster cuts when it’s dry.”

Lak Attack said the spring-like conditions also presented challenges to the goalies as balls seemed to bounce off pads quicker, often right onto the stick blade of patrolling forwards looking for a rebound.

“You tend to have bigger rebounds because the ball moves a bit quicker,” said Lak Attack. “Guys are quick, they’re smart and if they see an opening they’ll take it right away.”

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