January 14, 2018

By the dawn's early glare

A year ago the road hockey courts were so encrusted with snow and ice, even a heroic effort of chopping and shoveling couldn’t reignite the season for nine weeks.

Sunday, a dazzling blast of sunshine that pierced the fog forced the roadsters to move from their regular venue to the neighbouring court as glare off the damp concrete blinded the goalies. But the game went on as usual.

Maybe not such great news for fellow founding father Living Legend.

Recovering from a miserable cold, the veteran declared himself barely fit to play, let alone roam the court without respite as there were no substitutes available to either team. Still, his feisty teammates, Lak Attack and Scooby, were resolute and gave their crackerjack opponents all they could handle in a 12-7 loss.

They also didn’t use their shorthanded situation as an excuse.

“Moral victories are for losers,” Lak Attack said. “Even though we lost, it was nice to play hard right to the end and come close — but close isn’t enough.”

Doo said his side, also hobbled by a hip injury to Colonel that restricted his mobility, had to be at the top of its game to exploit the underdogs’ weakness.

“We knew Legend would be cheating to the inside of the defensive zone, or if he did make a rush he’d be slow getting back,” Doo said. “We just had to be aware and we had some really good passing today.”

Lak Attack conceded his side struggled early to adjust to the Legend’s struggles to keep up and be engaged in the play. But as they found their comfort level, goals — including three by their belamed linemate started to happen. At one point they were within three goals of tying the game.

“We kinda figured it out towards the end,” Lak Attack said. “We played a bit more positionally and we all came on.”

Doo said his side had to just ride out the storm by retaining its faith in goaltender Kid.

“I don’t think we ever panicked,” he said. “It always helps when your goaltender is playing well. They got a few goals, but we knew it was hard work by the other team and not Kid letting us down.”

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January 07, 2018

Velma cold after return from Iceland

Velma came a long way to play Sunday’s Shrimp Ring Bowl. His performance suggests he’s still got a long way to go.

The veteran roadster returned to the road hockey courts from a two-year hiatus in Iceland. The timing of his comeback was no coincidence; he said the festive shrimp in tangy cocktail sauce that heralds the first game at the courts of the new year was a welcome respite from fermented shark meat and other local “delicacies” he endured during his sojourn.

But while his snack may have been tasty, his game was anything but.

Velma had trouble finding the net even as his team romped to a 15-8 win. He struggled to get his shot within three feet of the cage and he laboured defensively.

“Shooting was a challenge for sure,” Velma said of his road hockey reprise. “I was slow. Everyone was running circles around me.”

That set up a number of odd-man rushes for the opposition. But for most of the game they failed to take advantage until Scooby and Ohio were finally able to generate some chemistry.

By then it was too late.

Early on, it was the speedsters like Doo and Cleveland who were best able to negotiate the slippery conditions created by a steady rain shower. Not by outrunning defenders or dazzling them with footwork, but by taking advantage of wacky bounces and unexpected deflections.

“There was goals going in off people’s butts, sticks and chests,” said Doo. “It was a total blast.”

Not so much for the goaltenders though.

Lak Attack said he tried to adjust his game by minimizing his movement.

“Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit tight in your crease and stay within your game,” said the versatile veteran who stepped between the pipes when Joker was an unexpected scratch. “Hopefully the ball will hit you if you’re in the right position.”
Unless, of course, it’s being shot by Velma.

“I didn’t think I hit it once the entire game,” he said.

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