May 07, 2017

Kid's Conn Stick caps comeback season

Kid capped the most unlikeliest of comeback seasons with a Conn Stick performance between the pipes to lead his team to a 20-10 win Sunday and a two-game sweep of the Stanley Stick championship.

It’s the first time in road hockey history a player has earned the Most Valuable Player award as an offensive player and as a goaltender.

Prior to his mysterious disappearance from the league in 2012, Kid was one of road hockey’s most dynamic and prolific goal scorers. He excelled when the courts were wet as he was able to keep his feet beneath him on the slick concrete without losing speed while defenders slipped and slid in his wake. In 2007 he earned his first Conn Stick Award when he led his team to a dramatic overtime win in the decisive mini-game after they had come back to tie the championship series. Of course, the court was wet.

After several years hiatus, Kid returned to the courts at the beginning of this season. He strapped on the pads for the campaign’s third game and never took them off. He lost only two regular season games.

“All season he was a steadying influence,” said Bam Bam of the reborn rearguard.

That assured presence carried into the post season. After Kid led his team to a
dominant 20-11 win in last week’s Stanley Stick opener, his mates were confident they’d get more of the same this week despite the addition of two snipers, Lak Attack and Ohio, to the underdogs’ lineup.

“He takes care of things defensively,” said Bam Bam. “We knew he could stop the first shot, so that meant we could take our chances. That made us comfortable.”

Time and again Kid was able to snuff out offensive rallies by smothering the evil orange plastic ball in his equipment.

“He didn’t give us a lot of rebounds,” said Lak Attack. “He was solid whenever there were opportunities for us to score.”

“He made it really easy for us,” said Doo.

Bolstered by the addition of more firepower and speed, plus the surprise goaltender switch to put Twizzler in net, the underdogs dictated the early pace. Cleveland seemed energized by pairing with his longtime battery mate, Ohio. Lak Attack wheeled through the middle of the court and drove hard to the net.

“We had the guys who could give and go and run with those guys,” said Lak Attack. “We started really well.”

But when Joker left for another commitment, leaving his side with only one spare player to spell off tired teammates, the wheels started to wobble.

“It’s really tough to have only one sub,” said Doo. “It was hot, it was tight checking. They had some real tired legs out there.”

“We knew we had the advantage on the bench,” said Bam Bam. “We just needed to take advantage of that with quick shifts.”

They did exactly that. A tight-checking game quickly devolved to an endless series of odd-man rushes that a beleaguered Twizzler was powerless to stop.

“We just didn’t have the fitness,” said Lak Attack. “We didn’t have that extra step and the game just got away from us.”

The 2016-17 Stanley Stick Champions are: Colonel, Kid, Doo, Scooby, Beelzebub, BamBam.

Joker's mid-game disappearance was compounded by the unexpected absence of Riddler while Nouvelle Guy was injured. That meant even with the addition of two new players, the underdogs still managed to play undermanned.

Frustrated by the extended mid-season hiatus caused by wintry weather, Cleveland is organizing a summer league to be played at the road hockey courts whenever there is enough interest.

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