March 26, 2017

Rust-belt duo buries creaky opponents in soggy showdown

Cleveland and Ohio drove the offense, as Nouvelle Guy drove hard to the net and their undermanned team scored four straight goals to turn a 7-6 deficit into a 10-7 win in Sunday’s soggy game.

The rust-belt duo’s precision passes sparked their unlikely comeback against a side of wily veterans that also had an extra player to spell off tired legs.

Cleveland said his side had to be careful how they expended their energy, even as they trailed 5-3 at one point.

“It’s a careful balancing act of not going too hard or playing too soft,” said the sophomore centreman. “You can’t fall into a big hole you can’t climb out of.”
And when their legs were weighed down, they knew Kid was capable of holding the fort in net until his tired defenders were able to scramble back to clear rebounds. Three times the renaissance rearguard robbed Living Legend of sure goals with his lightning glove hand.

“We knew with Kid in net, he could shut the door,” said Cleveland. “You can start to measure your ability and endurance to come back if you know he can take care of the first shot.”

While their veteran opponents were buoyed by the late arrival of their fleet-footed spare, Bam bam, they weren’t able to generate enough goals from their scoring chances, said Lak Attack.

“Part of the deal today is that we were our own worst enemy at times,” said the wily winger. “We flubbed a lot of chances, and when Kid had to make the big save he was solid.”

Lak Attack said his side lacked the killer instinct that would have buried their undermanned opponents midway through Sunday’s game, when they were on the ropes 5-3.

“That’s what happens sometimes, they stick around and then they take the lead,” said Lak Attack.

Cleveland said their system of working the perimeter with Ohio as Nouvelle Guy crashed the crease looking for loose balls paid off. It also helped keep their legs fresh.

“I think we needed to devise some sort of plan to expend our energy wisely with Nouvelle Guy standing in front of the net and dropping a bunch of goals in,” said Cleveland.

They may also have been helped by the rainy conditions as the slippery concrete surface neutralized the running and gunning of Lak Attack and Bam Bam.

“It slows the game for sure,” said Lak Attack.

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March 19, 2017

Kid and mates falter from fatigue

The extended mid-season hiatus is exacting a toll on roadsters as they gear up for the Stanley Stick finale just over a month away. Without any substitute players to spell off tired legs, Sunday’s game quickly turned into a battle for survival.

“At different times of the game, you just feel gassed,” said Nouvelle Guy, who’s side gave up two late goals to suffer a sudden-death loss 9-8. “Sitting by the goalie waiting for him to make the save is just no way to play the game.”

But that’s what the veteran centerman and his mates had to do as their fitness diminished after they had opened an early 3-1 lead and seemed poised to romp.

“We weren’t able to go the distance,” said Beelzebub, who’s still getting into game shape after he missed the first half of the season.

As their legs fatigued, the skilled playmaking duo of Cleveland and Ohio were able to command the court with crisp passing and fleet footwork. Living Legend stood poised to chip in cross-crease passes, something he accomplished three times.

“Their passing was just better than our’s,” said Nouvelle Guy. “We gave them too many two-on-ones and two-on-nones.”

That put the onus on Kid to keep his mates in the game. For the most part he succeeded. But as his flat-footed defence abandoned him, there was little he could do against successive odd-man rushes.

After Cleveland and his mates got back to even terms, they continued to press. They took their first lead at 5-4. Beelzebub’s side seemed shattered.

“Confidence was key,” said the fiendish forward. “We lost it, and the other guys got it. That turned the tide.”

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March 05, 2017

Snow pauses season again

Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s silver anniversary season has become more of a snow-iversary. For the ninth time the roadsters were denied a game by wintry conditions.

An overnight storm dumped three inches of heavy wet snow on the courts and made it difficult for some of the roadsters to navigate their way along roads clogged with snow and slush. The denied game was especially frustrating as the league finally seemed to be regaining momentum with three competitive games after its weather-induced hiatus.

“Just when it feels like we’re going to get our road hockey legs back, this happens,” said the Living Legend, the only roadster to brave the wintry weather to get to the courts.

While the court could have been made playable with about 20 minutes of shoveling, said the Legend, without the certainty of a game, the effort wouldn’t have been worth it. Warmer temperatures and rain towards the end of the coming week will likely ensure the court is playable next week.

The scuttled game could also renew calls to extend the regular season so the roadsters have more time to prepare for the Stanley Stick championship series. It’s currently scheduled for April 23 and 30. But delaying it could cause more problems than it solves, said the Legend.

“May is a busy month,” said the fellow founding father. “Roadsters start to go on vacation, and we’re kinda limited by when we can play because of Mother’s Day and the Victoria Day long weekend.”

But extending the regular season by even just a week could also be advantageous for some of the roadsters; Twizzler will have another week to get ready after missing the next six weeks for an extended family trip and Doo should be cleared to resume play after he was injured in a traffic accident.

A final decision on the Stanley Stick schedule is expected in the next two weeks.

In the meantime, the roadsters are champing at the bit to play again.

“Hopefully next week will be better,” said Lak Attack in a note posted to the road hockey message board.

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