February 19, 2017

Home game makes everyone a winner

Bam Bam crashed across the crease and jammed the evil orange plastic ball past Kid’s outstretched toe to clinch his side’s 12-10 overtime win in Sunday’s game.

But there wasn’t really a loser.

For the first time in more than two months, the roadsters were able to play a competitive game on the home court. And that made everyone feel like winners.

“It’s good to finally not have to worry about the weather,” said Bam Bam. “I think the guys all felt pretty good today.”

“The enthusiasm level was good,” said Colonel, who was smiling even though his team was on the short side of the score. “It was a lot of fun, a good run. End to end, it was a good time.”

Winter conditions had locked the courts in ice and snow since early December, cancelling a number of games and forcing others to be played at alternate venues. But the freeze up couldn’t fully depart without claiming one last victim, as Lak Attack threw out his back while pushing away the last few remnants of frozen slush; he was scratched from the lineup.

Colonel said it was important for the roadsters to reestablish themselves on the home court, reacquaint themselves with the bounces off the walls and the pace demanded by the small surface.

“It’s great to get a feel for the court,” said Colonel.

Still, the layoff has exacted a toll, said Bam Bam. The roadsters will need to do some work to get their game into shape in time for the Stanley Stick championship series in late April.

“I think it’s very crucial to get some energy and stamina going,” said the feisty forward who was hobbled by a nagging injury.

That wasn’t a problem for Bam Bam’s mates, led by Cleveland and Ohio, who peppered Kid with long shots that found the corners of the net or eluded his glove hand.

“Kid was not struggling on the long shot,” said Colonel. “Those long shots were hard and accurate and they would have gone past any goaltender.”

But when the leaders tried to play a passing game, their scoring touch abandoned them. That allowed Colonel and his mates to climb back into it.

“We did have to take away some of that ball movement,” said the veteran forward. “We just kept coming, we kept cutting into the lead.”

And while they were never able to get back on even terms, a late surge did force overtime to set the two-goal margin for victory. That set the table for Bam Bam’s triumphant play.

“It’s big anytime you can contribute like that, even when your legs are tired,” said Bam Bam.

“There was a lot of skill on the other side, and eventually they won out,” said Colonel.

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February 12, 2017

Sun shines on silver season's second half

The roadsters played their first competitive game in two months on Sunday. It may have been the season’s turning point.

Shut down by a series of snow storms and an extended deep freeze that locked the home courts in an inches-thick layer of crusted snow and ice, Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s silver anniversary season seemed in peril. Even a move to a new, thawed facility to kickstart the campaign’s second half was greeted with indifference and ennui.

But with the sun shining and temperatures warming, the roadsters returned, eager to play. Only one problem: the home courts were still frozen despite five days of mild, rainy weather after yet another storm had cancelled last week's game.

Undaunted, the roadsters packed up and headed to the new facility, cleared of ice and snow, the pavement dried by the sun.

Beelzebub, making his first start of the season, said it was important the game go on, even in an improvised way.

“Something like this, a game in the sun, makes you remember what the game is all about,” said the veteran winger who missed the season’s first half with injuries. “It was important to have a good time, have a good competitive game.”

The roadsters were a little more than rusty after the extended mid-season hiatus, said Lak Attack. “It was a bit of a slower game.”

But their enthusiasm to finally play again won the day.

“You’re not going to get a lot of Grade A chances,” said Lak Attack of the sometimes choppy and sloppy play. “You hope to shoot it on the net, get a lucky goal here and there.”

The roadsters were further hobbled by gaps in the fencing that allowed errant passes and shots to frequently skitter out of play.

“It really hurt the continuity of the game, the stopping and starting with all the balls going out,” said Beelzebub.

“You can’t really use the boards in the same way,” said Lak Attack. “It was a bit slower of a game, for sure.”

Although given their eight weeks of sloth, that may have been just the kind of game the roadsters needed.

“The timing will come back, so will the conditioning,” said Lak Attack. “But you can just see by the turnout the guys are ready to go.”

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February 05, 2017

Fresh snow sours season again

Winter seems determined to turn Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s silver anniversary season into its lost season.

Just as the roadsters were poised to reclaim their traditional home court from the icy grip that froze them out since early December, another storm buried the concrete surface under a foot of fresh, heavy snow. It’s now been eight weeks since the roadsters have played a meaningful game. And with the opening of the Stanley Stick championship series scheduled for April 23, only 11 weeks away, time is running out for players to get into peak playoff form.

After two half-court scrimmages at a makeshift facility, an extended stretch of warmer weather and even rainstorms had washed away enough of the 18-inches of ice and frozen snow that covered the home courts since a series of storms in December. Only a small amount of shoveling would have been required Sunday to make the courts playable.

But another blast of winter that started Friday and continued through Sunday morning put Sunday’s game on ice, again.

Only Living Legend and Lak Attack braved the conditions in a futile hope the game could go on. Their ardour to play snuffed yet again by the weather gods, they trudged their way home through a heavy flurry.

With more snow expected to fall through midweek, and temperatures staying on the cool side, it could be weeks before the roadsters can return to their familiar environs. Players are advised to check the website and social media feeds regularly for updates on the courts and possible makeshift venues.

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