November 20, 2016

Tidal wave of goals drowns Joker and mates

A tidal wave of offense sent Joker fleeing for shore and his team wallowing in a 15-7 defeat.

The veteran shot stopper gave up seven straight goals to turn a 5-4 lead at the first intermission into an 11-5 deficit that rendered the end result inevitable.

“I’m not sure why we fell apart,” said Joker. “The other team started getting odd man rush after odd man rush; it was crazy.”

The scoring assault started and ended with goals by the Living Legend, who tallied five on the day. But the winners really found their stride when power forward Bam Bam began crashing the corners and driving hard to the net.

“It’s one of those things when you feel like you can score all the time,” said the veteran winger who seems to have finally shaken the persistent cold that dogged him through the season’s early weeks. “I think we did a really good job peppering our shots from every angle. Our passing was crisp and that allowed us to transition quickly.”

Too quick for flat-footed defenders as their commitment to pick up checks waned when the score started piling up.

“It was like a tidal wave,” said Joker. “They just kept coming… and it’s tough to come back when they’re scoring the same kind of goals every rush.”

Bam Bam said his side was emboldened by another solid performance by Kid 2.0, who is still undefeated as he continues his reinvention from offensive dynamo to goaltending juggernaut.

“He’s got all the confidence in the world,” said Bam Bam. “He makes simple saves, he redirects the rebounds and covers them up. He makes it easy on the defence.”

With little to worry about on the backend, Bam Bam and his mates, Colonel and Cleveland, were able to wheel quickly up court. As the goals started to go in, they smelled blood in the water.

“Any time you go on a run like we did, the game’s momentum shifts,” said Bam Bam.

Frustrated by his team’s inability to stem the tide drowning them, Joker stormed angrily off the court after he surrendered the 15th goal.

“It’s tough not to get down on yourself,” said the steamed creaseminder. “But you win as a team and you lose as a team. You’ve just got to bounce back, shake it off.”

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November 13, 2016

Luck beats skill in overtime

A little luck can neutralize a skill advantage. A lot of luck can beat it.

Sunday, a run of unlikely but very friendly bounces propelled Lak Attack and his mates to a 16-14 overtime win over a team built on the skilled stick work of Cleveland and Dice.

One of those bounces was an otherwise wild shot from the far end of the court that caromed off Hoss’ foot past a befuddled Twizzler. It was that kind of day.

“We definitely got the bounces early,” said Lak Attack of his side’s good fortune that helped them overcome a 5-4 deficit at the game’s first break. “When you get those lucky bounces, you’re feeling confident and you’ve got the give and go to tee it up a little bit and go for the offence.”

“It’s a different game if we didn’t get those bounces, honestly,” admitted Joker, who spent the game’s early moments mesmerized by some of the deft stick work on display by newcomer Dice, including a patented mid-air scoop-around that finally beat the keeper on his second attempt.

Indeed, the deadly duo of Dice and Cleveland seemed poised to dominate Sunday’s game as they worked the give and go to build an early advantage.

“They were a fast team,” said Lak Attack.

“They could turn it on at any moment,” said Joker.

But then came the bounce off Hoss’ foot and the game’s momentum shifted. Buoyed by their good fortune, the hard-working scrappers kept the pressure on. Seeing-eye shots found their way through Twizzler’s pads, dribbled past his toes.

“We just stuck to our plan and got the goals,” said Lak Attack.

“You’ve got to have the breaks going your way,” said Joker, as his team built a lead that grew to three goals.

A late surge of rapier goals by the trailers closed the margin to one goal and sent the game into overtime.

“They kept coming on, but I thought we did a pretty good job containing their legs,” said Lak Attack.

It was a lead too far, as Hoss ended it.

“It feels pretty good,” said Joker of his side’s fortunate victory. “Especially with the amount of talent they had on their team.”

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November 06, 2016

Veterans outlast upstarts 10-4

They’re old. But they’re also wily.

Colonel and his veteran linemates, Lak Attack and Living Legend, used their years of experience and road hockey guile to weather a slow start before rolling to a 10-4 win in Sunday’s game.

The senior forwards never panicked despite repeatedly missing passes and squandering scoring opportunities in the game’s opening moments. It took a few reassuring words from the Colonel to get them on track.

“We weren’t getting the ball through and the game just kinda stalled,” said Colonel. “We decided to pass across the court horizontally and that really worked for us.”

That simple piece of advice sparked his aging teammates.

“It’s just a matter of taking your time,” said Lak Attack. “I think we started to spread them out a bit more and that provided some quick goals for us.”

The veterans’ patience to find their game wasn’t lost on the victim of their scoring prowess, Joker.

“These gentlemen have been playing together for such a long time. They know where each other is going to be, there passes are all spot on.”

A pair of young legs to spell off the wearying oldsters didn’t hurt either, said Colonel of the team’s fourth forward, Bam Bam.

“When one team has a sub and the other team has no subs, it makes an enormous difference,” said Colonel. “You’ve got much fresher legs over the course of the game.”

Bam Bam’s power game also gave the veterans the kind of aggressive presence they needed to battle larger opponents like Nouvelle Guy and Hoss in the corners and at the top of the crease.

“It’s hard to move them out, it’s a bit of a challenge,” said Lak Attack.

“You’ve got to try to run around them and not through them,” said Colonel.

Still, the score could have been a lot closer had it not been for the goaltending heroics of Kid, said Joker.

“Nothing below the waist was going to get past him today,” said the fourth-year shot stopper of his newfound foe.

“He doesn’t give up any rebounds,” said Lak Attack. “It lets us run and gun a bit more, take a few chances.”

And when those chances turned into odd-man rushes, the goals started to come.

“We had to pass around them and bury our chances,” said Colonel.

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