August 18, 2016

Summer scrimmage takes twin twist

It took 25 years, but Sunday Morning Road Hockey has found its doppelgänger.

The midsummer scrimmage to launch the league’s silver anniversary season took a twin twist Wednesday when a new band of roguesters claimed the centre court as their own. But with two goalies suited up and barely any players, they’d be hard pressed to execute a proper game.

The roadsters, on the other hand, had the opposite dilemma; more than enough players but no goalies.

A merger was negotiated.

The roguesters, it turns out, are no upstarts. Though new to the concrete court they’d adopted as their summer home, they’ve been together almost as long as the Sunday Morning roadsters, playing indoors every Wednesday night at various community centre and school gyms.

Like the roadsters, the roguesters span generations; their goalies are pushing 60 years of age. They play a spirited game of pick-up, randomly changing the teams every week. They value sportsmanship and camaraderie.

They are, in effect, Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s midweek, indoor twin.

“It’s kind of fun to play with some players you’ve never played with, see what they’re like,” said Colonel of the mirror match. “I thought it was fitting for a summer game. We had a fun time.”

In fact, it may even be a portent for a special season to come, said Beckenbauer.

“I think the culture is one of the greatest things about the league,” said the veteran centreman who missed much of last season because of a knee injury. “It keeps you coming back.”

Another harbinger of the coming season may also have been the unexpected return of Kid, who hadn’t played regularly since 2011. Beetle Boy also made his annual summer appearance to spark speculation about yet another aborted comeback.

“I think it’s fantastic to see guys out we haven’t seen enough of,” said Colonel.

“It’s good to see how you match up against some of the old faces,” said Beckenbauer.

On a night that could have been a letdown, the roadsters were buoyant when the advancing dusk finally made it impossible for the goalies to see the evil orange plastic ball.

“Twenty-five years is a huge milestone to build on, it’s not often you do something for that long,” said Colonel. “It has the potential to be a memorable year.”

For the roadsters. And their indoor doppelgängers.

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August 03, 2016

Summer scrimmage launches silver season

The gala silver anniversary season of Sunday Morning Road Hockey kicks off Aug. 17 with the annual Midsummer Scrimmage.

The early pre-season encounter is a fun chance for the roadsters to stretch their legs and test their creaking joints. It’s also a showcase for scouts to assess goaltending prospects for the coming season which looms closer with every passing week.

And this season promises to be special, as Sunday Morning Road Hockey celebrates 25 years of the sting of the evil orange plastic ball.

Founded in the fall of 1991 as an informal pick-up game on the expansive tennis courts at Queen’s Park, the league has evolved into a beloved weekly institution that has exercised and entertained generations of players. And while only two of the game’s original founding players remain, Living Legend and Wink, the spirit and camaraderie that were forged in that inaugural game endure.

Face-off at the hockey court is 7 p.m. and the game goes until the goalies can’t see the ball anymore.

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