October 25, 2015

Veteran cashes in offensive opportunities

Lak Attack may have lost a step over his long career at the road hockey courts. But he hasn’t lost his boundless energy and enthusiasm for the game.

Sunday, those were in abundance as the veteran roadster was the first to reach 10 goals in a half-court game of rolling two-on-two.

“Lak seems to find the open court no matter where he is,” said Joker, the lone goalie available to strap on the pads Sunday, necessitating the semi-match. “He’s got more energy than anyone on this court.”

Lak took full advantage of his offensive opportunities, twice cashing in when defensive players were confused about their checking partner and left the sly centreman unguarded with a free path to the net.

“You’ve got to get the first pass off, and then try to get open for the second pass,” said Lak Attack. “It can definitely be a challenge though, when you’ve got different linemates.”

The modified rules were enacted when only five players, plus a goalie, showed up at the courts for the season’s second regular game. Essentially every player played for himself as substitutes rolled through the lineup; a player registered a goal to their name if they were on offence when the ball beat Joker.

Lak Attack said the attendance woes in the season’s first two games have been discouraging.

“We’re off to a bit of a slow start,” said the veteran. “It’s a changing of the guard. We’ve got a lot of young guys who’ve had changes in their lives they can’t control.”

But Joker said the paucity of players hasn’t diminished his enthusiasm.

“I live for this Sunday morning,” said the feisty shotstopper. “I’ve got no problem amping myself up for the game whether there’s two players or ten.”

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October 18, 2015

Big D contributes plenty of O in win

Big D may be small, but he had a major role in his team's 20-12 win in Sunday's regular season opener.

The young son of Nouvelle Guy teamed up with his father to account for all but four of their side's goals. He'd been plucked from the warm-up to at least give his teammates a chance to catch their breath while subbing off.

Instead, he showed an insatiable desire to drive to the net, picked the high glove-side corner for his first career goal then followed that up with four more in his Sunday Morning debut.

"I don't think we gave him enough respect," said Chico, who was repeatedly confounded by the father-son duo crashing his crease and creating scoring opportunities. "We left him in those dirty areas and he obviously has a knack for finding the ball and finishing."

Big D's ability to find himself open may have been at least partly due to his dad's furious goal-scoring that seemed destined to shatter league records as he nudged into double-digits just after the game was half over. Defenders keyed on Nouvelle Guy whenever the ball went his way, leaving his progeny unguarded.

"Nouvelle got a burst of energy playing with his son," said Bam Bam. "He was on fire today."

Sunday's game was played in a steady drizzle, slicking the concrete court and slowing speedsters. It also created challenges for the goalies, who expected to be able to slide easily but often found themselves grounded by their dampened equipment.

"You think you're going to be able to slide, but you can't," said Chico who found himself caught out of position repeatedly. "It's going to be like this for the next three months, so we better get used to it."

Bam Bam said the slippery court made all the players cautious.

"It's the first game, so you want to take care of yourself," said the power forward who struggled to find the net.

Tentative play almost let the underdogs back into the game, as they got to within four goals early in the final period.

"When you have a big lead, sometimes you become complacent," said Bam Bam. "We were guilty of that, but we pulled through in the end."

Thanks to Big D, who scored twice more after completing his surprise hat trick.

"They worked hard, and that effort showed in the final score," said Chico.

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