September 22, 2015

Training camp looms

The roadsters are shaking off their summer sunscreen. Training camp for Sunday Morning Road Hockey's 24th season opens Oct. 4. The regular season begins Oct. 18.

For veteran roadsters, the season opening ritual is a chance to test their legs and determine if they've got another year in them. That's especially true for players who endured injuries last season.

Chico lost almost the entire season to vertigo. But a solid, symptom-free performance in the mid-summer scrimmage has given him optimism for the coming campaign.

Regaining his job as a starting shotstopper won't be easy though, as he'll have to displace one of Eight Ball, Joker, Twizzler and possibly even Radar, who stepped between the pipes and performed admirably during last spring's Stanley Stick thriller. Also able to strap on the pads is veteran backup Lak Attack.

A cloud also hangs over the future of Yak. His knee gave out last season and the added responsibility of new fatherhood will add to the challenges he faces to recapture his whirling, up-tempo game.

The latter may have proved to be the Yoko Ono to Bing's road hockey career. The addition of a fourth mouth to feed in his voluminous brood of offspring may be a baby to far to allow him a weekly getaway to the courts.

Of course all the roadsters are wondering about the annual comeback status of Beetle Boy, and they also await the hyped return of Wink to the blueline.

The answers to some of those mysteries will become more clear beginning Oct. 4.

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