December 21, 2014

Gapping the generations

Sunday Morning's generation battle is getting a little old. Which suits the game's young speedsters just fine.

For the second consecutive week the stick pull pitted a team of junior players against a side comprised of grizzled veterans.

Again, speed and stamina won out, 15-8. Despite a sizeable territorial advantage by the veterans.

While the senior squad enjoyed a territorial advantage, they didn't have the legs to keep pace with the speedsters' counter attack and quick transition from defence to offence. More often than not, the veterans got left behind on odd-man rushes that resulted in scoring chances.

"They had the speed, so they can transition quick," said Lak Attack. "At times we may have tried to get too cute with an extra pass."

And when that pass was intercepted by a fleet-footed defender, the resulting two-on-one and three-on-one breakaways proved too much for Joker and his wheezing defensive corps.

"Joker was so good on the direct shots, you really had to be patient to wait for the late man coming in," said Doo.

An injury scare midway through the game seemed to motivate the oldsters. Both Yak and Lak went to the sidelines after they tumbled to the concrete. After gathering their faculties they both returned for their next shift.

But not until Doo was traded and quickly scored a goal for his new mates.
And while the young speedster was sent back to his kin with the return of the fallen veterans, the oldsters began to play with a spark of intensity that brought them to within three goals.

"We were playing better," said Lak. "We changed our game in the second half, we gave up fewer opportunities on the odd-man rushes."

But that was as close as they'd get, as Twizzler shut down every scoring opportunity that came his way.

"Twizzler had to play better than he should have," said Doo. "(He) had to come up with some big saves."

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December 14, 2014

Speedy youngster make short work out of vets

Fleet-footed youngsters made quick work of their aging opponents.

Bam Bam, Scooby and Doo used their speed and limitless stamina while big Bing crashed the crease to handily win Sunday's time-shortened game 10-5.

Despite spotting the veterans an early 2-1 lead, the fresh-faced youngsters maintained their composure and their game plan. That consisted of headmanning the ball at every opportunity. The resulting odd-man rushes quickly took their toll.

"They did a good job getting the transition going," said Yak, who seemed a step behind most of the game, yet was likely his side's swiftest forward.

It was a strategy that played to the young stars' strength.

"I think we had a couple of guys who had speed out on the wing, and then the other two guys could go to the net and battle for the ball," said Bam Bam.

Having to chase down those speedy wingers wore down the doddering defenders.

"I think if you weighed us all, we've got an extra 150 pounds," said Yak. "After a while it takes a lot out of you."

While Eight Ball reprised some of the spectacular saves he made in his victorious debut last week, even his acrobatics weren't enough to stanch the offensive tide drowning his side.

"You've just got to test him out, take a lot of shots from odd angles and go for the rebounds," said Bam Bam. "We got a few dirty ones by him."

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December 07, 2014

Eight Ball racks up first win

Eight Ball started Sunday's game behind his namesake
By the end, he'd racked up a 15-8 win for his team.

The rookie rearguard stumbled out of the gate of his first start of the season, spotting his opponents a 5-3 advantage at the end of the first period.

He got the tap on the leg pads when Lak Attack was a late scratch and Twizzler missed his second consecutive start. The unexpected call posed a challenge.

"The first period was a little hard," said Eight Ball. "I had to see certain players tendencies, what they did with the ball."

But his teammates saw enough to stir their confidence coming out of the break.

"We were down, but we were down as a result of our own mistakes," said Yak. "I think it was pretty clear he's a solid goalie. We knew we had everything it would take to come back."

Assured that Eight Ball could take care of himself, Yak and his mates pressed heavily on the forecheck that created scoring chances.

"The forecheck from those guys was really good," said Doo. "The effort was there, but we got frustrated."

Rattled and reeling they gave up eight of the next nine goals. As their lead devolved into an insurmountable deficit, the frustration of Doo's mates boiled over. Colonel called out Joker for a poor effort on some shots. Joker snapped a shot about weak defensive support.

Eight Ball knew the game was his for the taking.

"The more you shut it down, the more they try to shoot from everywhere," said Eight Ball. "That kinda starts to play to your advantage as a goalie."

One that proved just the edged his side needed to win the game going away.

"You have to put your trust in your goalie," said Yak. "You know he's solid back there and you just go hard to the net and try your best to put shots on the net and be gritty."

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