February 16, 2014

Twizzler deals decisive blows

Lak Attack is used to staring down Twizzler from opposite ends of the court. Sunday, the veteran forward turned goalie was turned inside out by the wily goalie turned forward.

Twizzler, who's taken advantage of the arrival of Joker as a regular rearguard to stretch his legs as a forward since his return to the lineup in January scored a handful of goals to lead his team to a 16-11 win.

Two goals in particular seemed to take the wind out of the opposition's sails and shake his facemasked foe's confidence.

"Twizzler kinda changed the game with those long range shots," said Lak Attack. "Once you let one in, the flood gates opened."

And while a five goal margin is hardly an apocalyptic deluge, Bam Bam said the timing of Twizzler's cannonading markers threw his side for a loop.

"He brought that big shot out today and we hadn't really seen it," said the speedy centreman. "It caught a few of us by surprise."

Until those goals the teams had regularly exchanged leads in a freewheeling, fast-paced back-and-forth game. Twizzler's offensive outburst staked his side to their first three-goal advantage. They never looked back.

"It was up for grabs," said Bam Bam of the hard-fought battle that started on a dry court but ended in a steady, cold shower. "Once those long-range shots go it, you can only ask a goalie to do so much."

And while Twizzler's slappers may have been the game's death blow, the slicking of the court by a late shower pretty much ensured there would be no miracle comeback.

"It had an impact on our guys," said Lak Attack. "They like the dry court so they can get in tight."

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February 09, 2014

Coming back from the brink

A slow squibber by Holt that squeezed between Joker's pad and the goal post capped a furious three-goal run and clinched a 10-9 sudden death victory in Sunday's game.

It was a fitting finish for a team that had earlier squandered their own advantage.

"They pushed really hard early to come back, and that turned to our advantage later in the game," said Lak Attack of the game's shift in fortunes.

That's because Bam Bam and his mates may have blown themselves out clawing their way back from an early deficit.

"Whenever you're trying to catch up, you're using more of your energy," said the feisty forward. "Maybe that's why we didn't have more at the end."

Still, they had enough to charge ahead 9-7 in a half-court game to 10 as Bam Bam, Yak and Living Legend finally found the chemistry that had eluded them earlier. But they couldn't get that next goal to finish their opponents off as Joker came up with some key saves.

"If I'm getting better every week, I'm happy," said the rookie rearguard.

Despite teetering on the edge of defeat, Lak Attack knew his team still had a chance to win.

"We had the edge on the endurance part of it," said the senior centreman.
A lucky bounce ignited their comeback and another finished it off.

"When you have two tired teams any lucky bounce really helps you," said Lak Attack.

"It's frustrating," said Bam Bam. "They just wanted it more than we did."

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February 02, 2014

Faces of pain

It was the worst of a whack. It was the best of a bad shot.

Two veteran roadsters were felled by injuries early in Sunday's game, changing team dynamics and the mood of the remaining players.

Colonel was chopped down by Beckenbauer's stick as the two foes battled for a face off. After writhing on the cold concrete court for a number of minutes, the senior centreman hobbled to the sidelines favouring his left knee. He didn't return.

Shortly after being traded to balance the sides, Living Legend went down, struck just above his right eye by a rising slap shot off the stick of his former teammate, Holt. His eyebrow swollen into a reddened mound, the founding father also left the game.

The departure of two experienced players in the same game because of injuries sent a chill through their teammates and opponents.

"To see two people go down in the same game, it's concerning," said Lak Attack. "It can be a very scary moment."

"In a sport like this you never know what's going to happen," said Bam Bam. "It's a dangerous sport."

"It reminds you how painful this game can be," said Beckenbauer.

The loss of the Colonel necessitated changes to his side's gameplan, as they were no longer able to take advantage of his big shot from the point to clear lanes.

But when Living Legend left the court, the roadsters had to regroup into a half-court game.

The impact of those injuries served as a sobering reminder to the game's fragility, and players' proximity to pain and suffering in the small court.

"As long as you're aware, that's half the battle," said Lak Attack. "You have to forget about it and continue to play."

"YOu always have to be aware," said Bam Bam. "You never know what's going to happen."

But at least one opportunity saw the sudden demise of players as an advantage he could exploit.

"I know my advantage is fitness," said Beckenbauer. "If there's fewer people running around, it's advantage Beckenbauer."

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