January 26, 2014

Bam bangs winner

Bam Bam and his mates overcame a late swoon and the departure of their two spare players to pull out a 16-14 squeaker in Sunday's game.

With Yak and Living Legend no longer available to relieve tired legs, Bam Bam charged hard to the net with new urgency to reclaim his side's advantage that they'd just squandered for the first time in the game.

"Whichever team commits hard, you just can't let up," said Yak of his side's fire to finish hard.

A dry court, bright sunshine and a strong contingent of players contributed to one of the most intense games of the season.

"Everybody is running," said Yak, as his side charged to an early 6-1 lead and continued to hold the advantage until late. "There's no reason to let up."

"Everybody's not falling all over the place," said Weeble. "You're not worried about falling on your ass and being completely out of the play."

The winners may have been helped by the unexpected offensive contribution of Twizzler, who was freed from the constraints of the goal crease when Joker returned after missing the last three weeks with illness. Bringing a big physical presence along the boards and assured hands around the net, Twizzler seemed to confound opposing defenders time and again.

"He's a big body," said Weeble. "You've got to stick to him, not give him too many chances."

"He's a bit of a wild card," said Yak. "You give him the ball and you don't know what to expect."

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January 20, 2014

Stanley Stick dates set

This year's Stanley Stick will be contested April 20 and 27.

The annual battle for Sunday Morning Road Hockey supremacy is the only time in the eight month season that teams are carried over from one week to the next. That's led to some classic contests over the years, including the stunning series of 2008 when the underdogs battled their way back from a 19-13 deficit in the finale with a 21-19 win that sent the series to a decisive mini game that they also won, 10-3. The incredible 18-4 run still stands as the greatest comeback in Stanley Stick history.

Last year's Stanley Stick champions were led by stalwart veterans Lak Attack and Colonel, who got his first taste of victory champaign in years.

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January 12, 2014

Colonel rewards goalie heroics

Colonel gave his team their first lead at the most important point of Sunday's game. He scored ton a breakaway that backed a hapless Twizzler right into his net to lift his side to a sudden-death 15-14 win.

"I was just hoping he'd fall over outside the net," said the wily veteran of the wiry goaltender who seemed to lose sense of where he was in his crease as he stared down the on-rushing forward. "Had he pokechecked me would have been over."

But he didn't and Colonel was able to lift a shot high into the yawning cage.

The victory was a just reward for the clutch performance by his team's goaltender, Lak Attack, who unexpectedly got the call to strap on the pads after Joker was a surprise no-show. The stalwart back-up made at least three electrifying saves, two with his glove hand and another with his outstretched pad as the Living Legend went to his backhand on a breakaway, to give his side their last gasp chance at pulling out the win.

It was, in some ways, an unlikely triumph, as Colonel and his mates played from behind for much of the game, which was played in a steady, cold rain.

Down by as many as four on two occasions, time and again they managed to chip their way back to even terms only to slip behind. But, said the Colonel, they never gave up.

"As long as the game doesn't feel out of reach, it makes it more intense," he said.

The failure by Bam Bam and his mates to put their opponents away for good was frustrating for the speedy winger who endured trans-Atlantic jet lag to make it to the opening face-off.

"We know the game is all about momentum," said Bam Bam. "With games like these sometimes the bounces go your way and sometimes they don't."

And sometimes they end up in the goalie's glove.

"With a goalie like Lak, you know he's going to come up with the big save," said Bam Bam. "We had a few game winners that could have gone in but he came up with the big glove hand."

Those saves were as much a testimony of his will to win as his lightning reflexes, said Lak Attack.

"I said to myself I have to be better," said Lak Attack. "I had to be quick on the ball. It kinda stopped the bleeding."

More importantly, the saves put his team into a position to win.

"It was gratifying to come together as a team and pull out the win," said Colonel.

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January 05, 2014

Goalie's offensive acumen no joke

Joker scored 10 times in his debut as an offensive player to lead his team to a 16-13 win in Sunday's Shrimp Ring Bowl.

The rookie rearguard, relieved of the big leg pads when Chico made himself available for a rare start between the pipes, revealed his offensive prowess by staying on his feet and shooting the ball at every opportunity. That's because defenders and even his own teammates couldn't get traction on the slippery concrete, frosted by an overnight chill that persisted through the morning.

"If Joker hadn't been shooting the ball, it would have been a different game," said Yak, whose own run and gun game was stymied by the ice. "It was a little slippery for sure."

So much so, scoring opportunities were created when defenders found themselves struggling to change direction on turnovers or floundering on their backsides after loosing their footing on an icy patch.

"You had to be able to anticipate when the other team was going to fall on their asses," said Yak.

The conditions were equally challenging for both teams. Beckenbauer skidded onto his keester a number of times.

"It was surprisingly exhausting to run on the ice," said the Teutonic terror. "You have to think about saving yourself."

He and his mates used smart positioning to create turnovers and set up Joker.

"I think we did a good job of spreading out across the court so we never got anybody trapped," said Yak. "We didn't have to turn on a dime, and we shot the ball."

Colonel, meanwhile, employed a strategy of avoiding icy upendings altogether by planting himself in front of the opposite goalie, waiting for the scoring chances to come his way. It might have worked, but for his stone hands and inability to help his mates defend odd-man rushes.

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