December 22, 2013

Lak on attack motivates mates

Lak Attack was so certain he'd putting in another start between the pipes, he drove to Sunday's game wearing his leg pads and mask.

But a surprise appearance by Twizzler gave the versatile veteran a rare chance to lead his team by example and to a 15-9 win.

Lak Attack set the tone for his mates right from the opening face-off as he worked hard in the defensive zone and created opportunities at the opposite end. Living Legend capitalized on the game's first shot, Bing drove hard to the net time and again, and Beckenbauer quickly dispatched the rust of his extended layoff to forge a 5-1 lead by the game's first break.

And while they faltered a couple of times to allow their opponents to climb back to with two goals, they forechecked and battled their way back to dominant leads.

"They were better at jumping on the ball right off the bat," said Yak of their determined opponents. "They were moving for each other and we took a little while to get going."

"When someone is running around, it kinda inspires the team and gets everyone running around," said Beckenbauer of Lak Attack's inspirational effort. "He gave us a bit more mobility that helped us out today."

That mobility advantage was especially important on a court slicked by snow and saturated slush. The challenging conditions seemed to hobble Yak, who relies on quick turns and swooping cuts to bedazzle flat-footed defenders. Colonel seemed tentative after losing his footing early.

And when the underdogs did find their legs, they were stymied by Twizzler, making his first start in net since opening week.

"He was solid early on," said Beckenbauer of his goalie's solid effort after a long layoff. "I didn't even think about his absence as he was just able to step back in where he left off. He didn't miss a beat."

Meanwhile at the other end, Joker struggled in his first sober start.

"Everybody has a bad game, and today he just got bit," said Yak of the shotstopper's struggles. "I think he was learning from it."

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December 09, 2013

Angry Colonel awakens team

Nobody wants to wake Angry Colonel.

But Bam Bam did just that when his flailing stick clipped the irascible veteran in the head. The timbre and tempo of Sunday's game changed immediately.

Playing with new purpose and vigour, Angry Colonel and his mates buttoned down defensively and scored four straight goals to eke out a 15-14 sudden death win.

On a cold, crisp day that froze the evil orange plastic balls and sent passes skipping over sticks and shots pinging off posts, Sunday's game started as a reprise of last week's clash, with a minor alteration of Chico's season debut between the pipes.

Using their youth and speed advantage, Doo and his crew jumped to a 10-6 lead then ballooned it to a seven-goal margin with three more unanswered goals.

Chico was struggling. Making his return after an extended paternity leave, the veteran shotstopper was doing anything but as he battled the cold and a frozen trapper.

But a change of equipment seemed to bring him new resolve and a better handle on the icy spheres coming his way. He robbed Doo, Bam and Scrappy of surefire goals to give his side hope.

That hope arrived when Bam Bam's stick connected with Colonel's head, awakening his wrath.

Angered, Colonel executed payback with an elbow to Scrappy that created a turnover and led to a goal to close his side to within 14-11.

His mates took Colonel's cue. A headman pass by Chico to a streaking Weeble sent the diminutive junkman into a clear breakaway on Craigslist keeper Joker. He converted, tying the game at 14.

"I was just thinking shoot," said Weeble.

The goal set up Colonel's winner, his ultimate rebuttal to the blow that raised his ire. And his game.

-with files from Chico

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