March 25, 2012

Chico tirade sparks win

With his team back on their heels after giving up eight straight goals, Chico gave his mates a much-needed wakeup call to snap their stupor and propel them to an 18-16 win in the first warm-weather game of the spring.

Up 11-3, the wheels to an easy win suddenly fell off when the underdogs found their legs and the back of the net with stunning frequency. Especially Holt Renfrew, whose deadly aim for the top corners sparked his side's remarkable comeback that tied the game at 11.

That's when an enraged Chico gathered his teammates and delivered his lecture.

"I think we just lacked respect for the other team," said the sophomore shotstopper. "They had a lot of speed, they worked really hard and I though our guys were playing a little nonchalant out there."

"Chico was standing on his head the entire game and we were hanging him out to dry," said Bam Bam. "We just had to get back to playing a simple game, get the shots on net to create rebounds and get back our work ethic."

Three seconds later they were down for the first time in the game, 12-11. But the message had been received.

With Chico holding the fort between the pipes, his defenders paid more attention to cutting off the passing lanes, pushing the speedy Lak Attack to the perimeter and getting their legs and sticks in front of Holt Renfrew's damaging shots to the net.

"We just had to get back to our game defensively," said Chico.

"Offence comes from good defence," said Bam Bam. "Once we started paying attention to our own zone we were able to counter and get some goals."

Indeed, they were able to generate a five-goal run of their own, reclaiming the lead for good. Perhaps burnt out by their furious comeback, their opponents had no answer this time.

"I think they burned a lot of energy battling their way back," said Chico. "It was a beautiful day, a dry court and there was a lot of running, a lot of fast breaks and that takes a lot out of a team."

This year's Stanley Stick will be played April 15 and 22.

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March 11, 2012

Bing goes Crosby with six

Bing scored six goals, including three in a row, to lead his team to a decisive 20-13 win in Sunday's game.

It was a breakout performance for the newly-minted roadster who showed opponents his touch around the net is as lethal as his size and strength in the corners.

"He's got size, he's got a decent shot and he just finds the open space," said Bam Bam, whose own six-goal performance in a losing effort was overshadowed by his rival's knack for timely scores. "It seems like every week there's someone who steps up their game, and this week it was Bing. It just seemed everything was going his way."

Much to the relief of his teammates, whose flagging efforts were reversed a few times by Bing's offensive efforts.

"It's big having a guy on your team who can put it into the net on every single shot," said Yak of Bing. "He always seemed to be in the right spot at the right time."

Bing's success around the net was a resounding call to the rest of the roadsters in only his fourth career game.

"There's a lot to be said for instinct and know where the ball is going to go, and Bing seems to have that," said Chico, who won his second straight game.
"Great goal scorers always know where to be, when to shoot," said Yak. "Just give it Bing and you know he'll score."

Fueled by Bing's hot hand, his side never trailed, although their momentum did flag for a stretch when Chico was beaten by a pair of suspect shots, including one that careened off Bam Bam's shins as he ran down a breakaway.

"To be honest, we just lost a little bit of focus," said Chico of his side's brief stutter en route to their win. "It was just a matter of paying attention."

"When you know you've got the game under control, that's a big mental edge," said Yak.

So much so, even the Living Legend was able to cash in, as he scored five times in support.

"He scores those backbreaking goals against us, weird angles, tip-ins, everything," said Bam Bam of the veteran's contribution, which including pretty much all those elements. "It was a two-pronged approach."

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March 04, 2012

Colonel's big day out (of net)

Freed from the bonds of the thick goal pads he donned last week, Colonel scored seven goals, including four in a row, to spark his team's 12-10 comeback win in Sunday's game.

The versatile veteran, who reluctantly tended net a week ago when regular shotstoppers Chico and Twizzler were detained by work commitments, found his scoring touch with a mix of timely tip-ins and searing point shots that defied the outstretched glove of Twizzler.

Down by as many as three goals late in the timed game, Colonel's scoring touch enlivened his linemates as it deflated defenders.

"We were down 9-6 and not feeling good about ourselves," said the Colonel. "We got a couple of tip-ins, a couple of lucky ones."

"They took a while to get their rhythm together," said Yak. "Then they just started going hard, crashing the net. They kept up the pressure."

That was a relief to Chico, who struggled early but made some big saves late in the game as his mates forged their comeback.

"You're worried that the next goal will be the next one that will break the back," said the sophomore shotstopper.

Playing with two substitutes seemed to give Colonel and his mates the extra jump they needed to fight their way back into the game.

"As the game gets later it opens up," said Colonel. "People get tired and that opens up the passing lanes, you can fire it across the net a bit more."

The quick tempo they were able to play late in the game caught Yak and his mates flatfooted, unable to keep up with their checks and force the play back into the offensive zone.

"We were trying to dump it down and get that centre pass," said Yak. "But they were doing a good job of clogging the lane and that got in our way."

"It was absolutely lights out," said the Colonel of his side's comeback.

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