October 31, 2010

Doo's 11 goals get it done

Doo got it done.

The speedy winger with soft hands scored 11 times Sunday to lead his undermanned team to a resounding 20-8 victory.

While defenders scrambled to cover his potent linemates, Kid and Lak Attack, Doo was often left unguarded at the side of the net, poised to lift a pass over a sprawling Chico, who rapped his goalstick off the post in frustration more than a few times.

"I think all three of us today, because we didn't have any subs, we had really good communication between us," said the diminutive deker. "We were able to find the open man and the open stick and that just got better as the game went on."

"Really, all you have to do is get him the ball and he'll make the play," said Lak Attack of Doo. "He was definitely on today, he was burying all the chances he had."

He was also taking full advantage of an opposition that may have underestimated the fitness and fortitude of his depleted squad that played the entire game without benefit of an extra set of legs to spell off tired teammates.

"I think we just took the extra guy we had for granted," said Bam Bam, of his side's lackadaisical effort. "We assumed they would tire out and the wait-and-see game didn't really work."

After spotting their opponents a quick 2-0 lead on a pair of goals by the Living Legend, who was making his first start after missing three weeks for a European scouting mission, Doo and his mates started to weave their magic. Taking a 5-3 advantage into the second period, they just kept rolling.

"It really comes down to if you have an opportunity to go, you have to go as hard as you can on the offensive side and try to pick your spots and score," said Lak Attack.

That's something Doo had no problem with.

"At the best of times road hockey is pretty frustrating, but when you have a day like this, you don't get that frustration," said Doo. "You just have to work hard every game, and then in a game like this you get the lucky bounces."

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October 03, 2010

Chico is the man

With no spare players to spell off his tired teammates, Chico knew he'd have to be the man if he wanted to earn a victory in his Sunday Morning Road Hockey debut between the pipes.

The neophyte netminder smothered rebounds and corralled every loose ball in his reach to stifle opposition opportunists and give his side the confidence to push deep into the offensive zone. They rewarded his efforts with an 8-0 lead, then cruised to a decisive 15-8 win.

"Rebound control is crucial in a game like this," said the rookie rearguard, who was recruited to the court by Gump. "People are going to get tired, so you just try to keep everything in front, keep the ball down on the surface and hoover it up."

Time and again Chico flopped on the evil orange plastic ball as it rolled at his feet, or deadened it as soon as it bounced off his chest or stick. Without rapier accuracy on their first shot, opposing shooters rarely got a second or even third chance.

"It was great to see him make some early saves and give us the confidence for sure to just let them pound away," said the Colonel of his side's shotstopper. "He kept the ball out and we went on offense."

Did they ever. Using their youth and speed advantage, Kid and the rookie wheeled and dealed deep into the offensive zone while Colonel hammered laser blasts from the point. Twizzler, a notoriously slow starter, was at their mercy.

"We just fired everything at him that we could," said Colonel. "We knew he's a notoriously slow starter, but he settled down as the game goes on."

But by then, the damage was done, an eight goal deficit too much to overcome, said Gump, whose side seemed to hold the edge in play through the game's second half, but couldn't cash in their advantage.

"We got some chances," said the veteran forward, relishing the rare opportunity to stretch his scoring legs in an offensive role. "Other than getting behind at the start, we were able to play with them the whole game."

Playing behind a big lead gave Chico the chance to hone his game, work on his positioning and perfect his control of the rebounds.

"At that point, if you make a mistake, it's not so bad," said Chico. "You're just trying to stay in the net, keep your positioning strong and wait for your teammates to come back and help you out."

"It's an advantage any time you have a goaltender who smothers rebounds," said the Colonel.

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