March 28, 2010

Velma vanquishes Scooby Doo rivals

Velma's game winner was as odd as the game it won.

The speedy winger streaked in from the side of the crease, batted his first shot off Twizzler's leg pads then somehow managed to knock his own rebound past the lunging keeper to salvage a 20-18 nailbiter over a side comprised of his Scooby Doo compatriots.

Moments later, he was still scratching his head over how the evil orange plastic ball careened into the back of the net. But he was relieved that it did.

That's because he and his mates had been pushed to their limit in Sunday's modified half-court game, necessitated when a number of regulars were spooked by a heavy downpour that delayed the opening faceoff by about a half hour.

"They pushed us to the bitter end," said Velma of his rivals. "We had a bunch of chances, but we either just whiffed on them or Twizzler made some nice saves."

Indeed his side seemed to have the game well in control after a pair of whiffle ball shots by the Living Legend managed to elude Twizzler, first on the short side and then right along the ground on his stick side.

But then their scoring touch seemed to abandon them. Scooby and his speedy mates, Doo and Scrappy used their control of the end board to hoard the ball and forge a gutsy comeback.

"We didn't get too many bounces off the end board," said Velma of his team's inability to retain possession of the ball at critical moments. "I think that contributed to our inability to finish."

Doo recovered from a near self-impaling to score a pair of seeing eye goals, including an unlikely mid-air deflection. Scrappy and Scooby also pitched in.

"The other team all contributed equally, they all got goals," said Velma.

But their comeback fell just short, chopped at the knees by Velma's chop into the net.

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March 21, 2010

Fear focuses foes

It looked like it was going to be a short day.

With a lead that ballooned to as many as 11 goals at one point, Scooby and his mates, Kid and Goober, were rolling. Then the wheels fell off, and the young speedster had to rip a high sizzler past the suddenly invincible Gump to salvage a hard-fought 20-16 win.

"I"ve been on so many teams where we've choked like that," said Scooby of his side's uncomfortably close brush with defeat after romping for much of the morning. "It was really a relief when I got that last goal."

For the first half of Sunday's game it seemed every shot they fired at Gump found the mesh at the back of the net. Especially Kid, who scored eight of his ten goals in the first two periods as he returned to action for the first time in a month

"Kid was wide open on a lot of plays at the side of the net, and we also got a lot of good bounces as well," said Scooby. "I think the other team just played a horrible first half."

"I had a rough start," said a shell-shocked Gump. "I thought it might be the shortest game in road hockey history."

But with his side down 15-6, they started to find their own scoring touch. Two quick goals by the Living Legend seemed to swing the game's momentum. And Gump started making key saves.

"He really picked up his game, and that gave us confidence to come back," said Doo of his resurgent rearguard. "(He's) a huge competitor."

"I started to make a few saves and that got the team going," said Gump.

It also put their opponents back on their heels. Their scoring neutralized, they seemed in disarray.

"I found myself flat-footed a lot," said Scooby. "That just kills you because guys just burst by you."

Especially Doo, who's young legs propelled him past collapsing defenders like they were pylons.

"Everybody gets fired up," said Gump.

"I think this game, more than other ones, had huge momentum swings," said Doo.

As the underdogs narrowed the gap, fear focused the eyes of Scooby and his mates.

"You learn your lessons the hard way," said the fleet-footed forward. "You never forget those lessons."

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March 14, 2010

Lak of attack sparks comeback

Parked at the side of the net with the evil orange plastic ball after the Living Legend poked it up through the middle of the court, the Colonel spotted a charging Cowboy Bill out of the corner of his eye. Without even looking he threw it to his streaking linemate, who made no mistake, one-timing it high over Twizzler's sprawled pads to win the game in overtime, 16-14.

But the stage for the extra-time dramatics had been set a couple of shifts earlier, when the Colonel and his mates shut down their nemesis, Lak Attack, who was determined to win the game for his team in one last offensive flurry before he had to leave early.

"That was pivotal," said the Colonel of their defensive achievement as they were down, 14-13. "You knew Lak was going to go hard on that shift; he's the kind of guy who likes to throw the knockout punch, so you know he's going to want to take the ball hard to the net. But we played him kinda close, got in his way."

"He played pretty hard on that final shift," said Velma of Lak Attack's hopeful heroics. "Once we weathered that, we responded pretty good."

That seemed to fire up their foes, said Scooby, whose side had enjoyed the advantage on the scoreboard through most of Sunday's game. "We kinda went for that burst and that turned the tide. We just didn't have enough left in the tank."

In fact, Lak Attack had barely left the court when the Colonel and his mates tied the game. It was a just reward for all their grit and hard work all day, said the irascible veteran. "We were diving, we were lunging, we were hacking and we were whacking. We were doing everything we could to keep the ball out of our net."

Especially Velma, who dove into the crease to stop at least three shots that had gotten past his goalie, Gump.

"It seemed like the right thing to do," said fleet-footed forward. "Gump was down and I'd hope people would do that for me when I'm in net."

"Velma was un-explitive deleted-believable today," said the Colonel. "He was absolutely great at both end of the court."

Indeed, as his mates struggled early on, spotting their opponents a three-goal lead early, Velma was a dynamic dervish in the offensive zone as well, forechecking with fortitude and making extraordinary second and third efforts on the ball to create dangerous scoring opportunities.

"Their forechecking was just killing us today," said Scooby. "You always have to look behind you because you know (Velma) is coming."

"He never gives up," said Colonel. "You've gotta love having him on your team."

"Velma turned it up, and that turned the tide," said Scooby. "Really we should have finished them off."

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March 07, 2010

Lak Attack and mates weather storm, comeback

With the rain pouring down and the concrete court slicking up, Lak Attack and his mates had to weather a storm of a different kind to eke out a 20-17 win in Sunday's game.

Seemingly well on their way to an easy victory with an 18-12 lead, the star centerman and his wingers suddenly lost their scoring touch. Long shots that earlier whizzed past Twizzler's pads were now being devoured by the stand-up shotstopper, hopeful blasts from the corner trickled harmlessly into the keeper's outstretched trapper.

Emboldened and fortified by the resurgent play of their rearguard, Doo and the Colonel started to find their range at the other end of the court.

"I think a big part of that was Twizzler picked up his play," said Doo. "When you try and get streaks going and then you get a couple of goals against you, you can't get any momentum going, so we had to put the pedal to the metal."

And when they faltered Beetle Boy and Nibs prowled the point to cash in the garbage. The six-goal deficit diminished to a one-goal nailbiter.

"They just hung in and hung in," said Lak Attack of his ferocious foes. "We had to pick up our play and it took us a little while to catch our legs at the very end."

The veteran forward could see the fear in his mates' eyes as their advantage disappeared. So he took control to turn the tide.

"I think we woke up once they got to 17," said Lak Attack. "We really needed that 19th goal and then we felt a little bit better."

So much so, the wily veteran Living Legend spotted his opportunity when Twizzler failed to cover the near post as he corralled the evil orange plastic ball behind the net; his wrap around trickled just over the goal line.

"That was great," said a relieved Lak Attack.

"I think we just ran out of gas at the end," said Doo. "They got a couple of lucky bounces at the end. It's always tough to lose a game like."

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