September 27, 2009

Roadsters bounce back

For the opening of training camp, Sunday's game had a lot of bounce. But it wasn't the roadsters with an extra spring in their step after a long summer of rest and relaxation.

A new, rougher surface on the venerable road hockey court rendered the evil orange plastic ball especially lively, bringing grief to a number of players and wearing down everyone's stick. The surface was installed over the off-season, after large cracks started to break up the concrete playing surface, which is actually the roof of an underground parking garage. The work scuttled the annual summer scrimmage.

With no game action in their legs for more than four months, many of the roadsters struggled with their timing and execution as the pebbled concrete skipped passes over blades. Speedsters who rely on footwork and fancy stickplay, ilke Kid, Scrappy and Doo, seemed especially frustrated as time and again the ball bounced off the end of their sticks in mid-deke.

The challenging conditions brought the game back to some of the plodding veterans, like Living Legend, who took advantage by scoring his team's first three goals of the game. Unabomber also benefitted, as he played his first game in more than a year.

The Legend's surprising scoring touch energized his team to an early lead, but they relinquished it at 9-8 and never got it back as Kid and Lak Attack struggled to finish. And when they were able to complete a play, more often than not they ran headlong into the smothering pads of Twizzler, who overcame his usual early jitters to play solidly in the game's second half, holding on for a 22-20 overtime win.

At the other end, Nibs faded after a strong start, bailing for cover whenever the evil orange plastic ball found its way to Unabomber's stick at the point, afraid of his fearsome shot.

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September 20, 2009

Training camp opens Sunday

The cracks in the courts have been filled, the nets are back in place, waiting to be filled - with goals; Sunday Morning Road Hockey is back, as training camp opens Sunday, Sept. 27.

The roadsters will play a three-game pre-season, to make up for the midsummer game which was lost when the courts were closed for repairs. The regular season commences Oct. 18.

The coming season will also mark the return of Unabomber, who is expected to unleash his mighty slapshot at cowering goaltenders again after taking a year off to travel to faraway locales.

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