December 30, 2008

Shrimp Ring to be iced?

With more than a foot of snow and frozen slush on the road hockey courts, and no significant thaw in sight, Sunday's Shrimp Ring Bowl may be the next game to be iced by winter weather.

The suburbs are still struggling after an unprecedented series of storms during Christmas week dumped more than a foot and a half of snow. Sidestreets, including those to access the road hockey courts, are still nearly impassable narrow tracks, with no parking whatsoever.

And with overnight temperatures still below freezing, and more rain and snow forecast in the next few days, it's likely conditions will worsen before they get better.

It's not the first time the Shrimp Ring Bowl has been in peril because of weather. Snow and ice nearly scuttled the game in 2004 and 2005.

If Sunday's game is cancelled, the annual Shrimp Ring festivities will be held Jan. 11.

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December 18, 2008

Holiday hiatus starts early

The roadsters are getting an early start on the Christmas holidays.

With four inches of snow and ice already on the road hockey courts with more forecast for Sunday, and no thaw in sight, Sunday's game has been cancelled.

"The courts are so frozen, it would take a superhuman effort to get them playable," said founding father, Living Legend, after a tour of the league's longtime home. "Another storm is due Sunday, so it's probably best we just declare an early start to the holiday hiatus and hope Mother Nature takes care of all the hard labor in the next couple of weeks."

The season will resume Jan. 4, with the annual Shrimp Ring Bowl, the highlight of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's social calendar.

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December 07, 2008

Nibs can't stop own team

It's hard enough being a road hockey goalie. But when your own teammates are the biggest offensive threat against you, it's almost impossible.

Nibs made huge acrobatic stops against Kid and Smith, but he couldn't stop his own defenders who beat him twice with inopportune deflections en route to a 20-9 thumping in Sunday's game. He also didn't help his own cause when he steered one cross-crease pass into his own net.

NIbs' quest for a second win against his arch-rival, Twizzler, went off the rails early, and often as his own mates struggled in the offensive zone. Time and again passes skipped over sticks and shots bounced harmlessly into Twizzler's padding.

"The twins (Scrappy and Doo) weren't playing very well today, Elvis was off his game, and Lak Attack was obviously off his game," said Billy Idol.

"We were getting lots of chances, lots of two-on-ones, but we missed the net a lot," said Elvis.

Except when they were in their own end. Three times Nibs was beaten by shots banking off his own players.

"We had a few unlucky bounces and shots off legs and gloves and that certainly makes it a little harder to come back," said Elvis.

With the bounces going their way, Billy Idol and his mates were quick to exploit their luck, peppering Nibs with shots from every angle.

"We just kept throwing it at the net and working for the rebounds," said Idol. "When everything seems to go your way, you can't help but win."

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