August 17, 2007

Summer success spurs season

Buoyed by the stunning success of Wednesday's Midsummer Night Game, the Living Legend has announced training camp for Sunday Morning Road Hockey's 17th season will open Sept. 23, with the first regular season game scheduled the following week, Sept. 30.

The announcement reverses the trend of recent years in which the regular season schedule didn't start until after the Thanksgiving weekend.

"The roadsters showed they're ready, they're eager to play," said the Legend of the record attendance at the annual off-season scrimmage. "After last year's disappointments, we've got to build on that momentum."

In fact, despite coming off a season that was plagued by poor weather that canceled a number of games and dwindling attendance, the game may be entering the new season in the best shape it's ever been. As the roadsters showed with their spirited play Wednesday in what is usually a casual, light-hearted scrimmage, the intensity and enthusiasm of last Spring's fierce Stanley Stick Championship series hasn't diminished through the off-season. The league has also been infused with new young talent, like Scooby, Doo and Scrappy. And with shotstopping sophomore Frosty ready to strap on the goal pads fulltime, even the spectre of weekly creaseminding crises has been diffused.

In fact, the biggest question heading into the new season may be about the status of fellow founding father Wink, whose playing time diminished as the season progressed. He didn't play in the Stanley Stick and he spent much of the off-season achieving officially sanctioned sex.

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August 16, 2007

Summer showdown a good omen

It's as if the Stanley Stick never ended.

Three months after the dramatic conclusion to one of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's most difficult seasons, the roadsters roared up the boards, crashed the corners and executed pinpoint passes with all the intensity and enthusiasm of a championship battle, not a fun evening scrimmage to shake off the summer stiffness.

Fueled by a record turnout for the annual off-season exhibition, some roadsters say the game may be a good omen for the coming campaign; last year, only four regulars showed up for the Midsummer Night Game and the season's schedule was plagued with poor weather and even worse attendance.

"I think the Stanley Stick we had was just fantastic and left people wanting more," said Beetle Boy. "They wanted to show up and get ready for the season. Everybody is raring to go."

"It's like a team coming to training camp after a championship season," said Smith. "Everyone has got the energy, they all want to be a part of it. If we get some good weather in the fall, we're going to have some huge games."

"It's always hockey season," said Bird. "Everyone is eager to go."

And go they did.

Summer game limp-on Giebelhaus defied the cumbersome brace protecting his fragile knee by racing up and down the court, matching strides with young speedsters like Doo and Scrappy; he was rewarded by scoring the game's first goal. Lak Attack went toe-to-toe with his arch-rival Kid. The Colonel was his usual feisty self in the corners. Smith hid the fire in his eyes behind mirrored sunglasses. Frosty announced his crease comeback with a number of big saves.

"The timing was a little off, but the intensity was there," said Beetle Boy, after his team fought back to take a 15-13 lead before allowing four straight goals to lose the game in sudden darkness overtime.

"We didn't know when the game was supposed to be over," said Smith of the controversial decision to play the game to 20, which was then rescinded to 17 when the goalies complained they could no longer see Unabomber's sizzling shots from the point as the evening gloom shrouded the court. "We just wanted to play until it was too dark to play."

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August 08, 2007

Summer Game set to face off

With training camp less than two months away, the Sunday Morning roadsters will get the chance to test their off-season conditioning, as well as reacquaint themselves with the dreaded sting of the evil orange plastic ball at the annual Summer Game on Wednesday, August 15, at 6:30 PM.

While the competition will be a far cry from the intense battle of last Spring's riveting Stanley Stick finale, in which a winner was decided only after the exhausted teams battled through overtime in the mini-game, almost five hours of hockey, the Summer Game has become an eagerly-anticipated rite of the off-season. It will also be the roadsters' first chance to congratulate fellow founding father Wink on his summertime achievement of officially-sanctioned sex, that is if he's able to extricate himself from his domestic duties to attend the game.

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