August 19, 2004

Kid wins award, war

Kid lost the battle for last Spring's Stanley Stick Championship, but he may have won the war when his fellow roadsters honored him as Sunday Morning Road Hockey's Most Valuable Roadster at a gala gathering at a local watering hole Wednesday.

The diminutive sniper, who was hobbled by a back injury that cost him the last two games of last season and severely hampered his effectiveness in the Stanley Stick series' opener, says the award goes a long way to evening the score with his longtime rival, Lak Attack.

"He won the title this year as the Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Stick, but I won this," says Kid. "I'd say it's a saw-off for the year."

It's also some much sought after recognition for his speed and skill as the game's go-to guy whenever his team needs a big goal.

"It makes it all worthwhile, realizing that everyone respects my game," says Kid. "If you're going out there and nobody notices, it's kinda like, what's the point?"

To have fun, says Lobsterboy's, who's joie de vivre, enthusiasm and fiery determination earned him the trophy as Sunday Morning Road Hockey's Most Entertaining Roadster.

"Some players do take it too seriously, and you've got to know it's just a game and everyone is out there just having fun," says the veteran goaltender, who's season was also compromised by injury and extended absences due to the onerous demands of his exploitative employer. "It's really really important deep down inside, to know that my contribution goes just beyond the game, that it keeps the players coming out."

Indeed, a Sunday Morning game without Lobsterboy's raving antics just wouldn't be the same, says Elvis.

"A big part of keeping the Sunday Morning game alive is keeping it fun, and I think that's what Lobsterboy brings to it; he brings that comraderie, those elements of just fun entertainment. He's a great character."

That's also the strength of last season's Most Unsung Roadster, Billy Idol. Not possessed with the speed and skill of some of his fellow players, there's no questioning the veteran journeyman's heart. Usually one of the first players to arrive at the court, he'll do whatever it takes to make sure the games proceed, including strapping on the goalie pads or sucking up a trade to better balance the teams.

"It speaks volumes to his dedication to the game," says his frequent chaffeur and occasional linemate, Elvis. "It's just great to see someone live for it like that."

"Maybe it's just the dedication of being there every Sunday and wanting to play the game, put in 100 percent every time," says Idol, who admitted he felt a little humbled by the award. "It feels good because we play with a bunch of skilled guys; just to be put on the same level as them in one way or another, it's a good feeling."

Other award-winners honored Wednesday included Unabomber, as Sunday Morning Road Hockey's Most Feared Roadster. And the Living Legend, who's incredible four-year ironman streak crashed to a halt midway through the season, was named the Most Dedicated Roadster.

Earlier, a handful of roadsters played the first Midsummer's Eve Road Hockey Game, a follow-up to last Summer's wildly popular Heritage Game.

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August 02, 2004

Wink leads nominees

Fellow founding father, notorious gameshow host gone bad, Wink, leads the nominees for Sunday Morning Road Hockey's first year-end awards. The veteran defender is a finalist in four categories including Most Valuable Roadster, Most Dedicated Roadster, Most Feared Roadster and Most Entertaining Roadster.

But he'll have some stiff competition, especially from Lak Attack, who already has the award as the Most Valuable Player in last Spring's Stanley Stick Championship Series on his trophy shelf. The speedy centerman is up for Most Valuable Roadster, Most Feared Roadster and Most Entertaining Roadster.

The Kid, Living Legend, Bird, Elvis and Paul One round out the roadsters with multiple nominations, with two each.

The awards will also recognize the most shocking story of a season that featured no shortage of breaking news, including the sudden demise of the league's two reigning Ironman streaks, the evolution of Unabomber's hairstyles and the ongoing unrequited promise of Hollywood Paul's triumphant comeback.

Voting for the awards will be conducted via online polls until August 17. The winners will be announced at a gala beer bash following the special Midsummer Night's Road Hockey Game, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 18.

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