June 06, 2004

Rude-ys squeak out win

It was the longest day in road hockey history. And maybe the best, too.

When Nibs finally whacked a rebound past Lobsterboy to give Rude-y and the Merry Men a ferciously fought 10-6 win in the mini-game and the right to hoist the storied Stanley Stick Trophy, proceedings had gone on for the better part of four hours.

The Underdogs, bolstered by additions New Guy and Wendel and a newfound commitment to defence, had forced the winner-take-all showdown by nailing down a 20-13 triumph earlier in the day.

Lak, road hockey's celebrated star, was awarded the Conn Stick Trophy as most valuable player of the final series, thanks his sterling two-way performance. The fact is, though, that the Conn Stick could have gone just as easily to Unabomber of the Rude boys, since he was particularly deadly in the mini-game, or to steady Rude-y netminder Ottoman, who played the best road hockey of his career and got his name on the Stanley Stick for the first time.

A case can be made as well that Underdogs goalie Lobsterboy should have won the Conn Stick, too, since his quick reflexes continually had the Rude dudes shaking their heads, smashing their sticks and using PG-13 rated language over the three games.

"From a state of the Sunday morning road hockey point of view, it was a tremendous finish to the year," said Underdog Wink. "From our team's point of view, it sucked, because we had done so much against a very good team to force that mini-game. But, big picture, it was good.

"It makes you hope, now that the collective bargaining agreement is up, the owners and the players' union can get along and come to a deal for next year."
How the day played out was particularly intriguing considering some of the mind games being played by both sides during the week. Rude-y got things started, by proclaiming that his team was "stacked" and telling the opposition, "I'm being sincere when I say that you guys don't stand a chance, truthfully I'd prefer more of a challenge than you'll be able to muster."

His bad attitude, along with his poor grammar, had an impromtu Founding Father gathering prior to the game opt to change his name officially from Rudy to Rude-y.

"He was so rude," said Wink.

"He did a nice job of reving up our team, though. To be honest with you, I was going to vote for him for MVP no matter who win. If it was his team that won, it would have been because he's such a good player. If it was our team, it would have been because he's such a good motivator."

The game had a few heated incidents, as Colonel clashed with Rude-y, Colonel clashed with Ottoman, Colonel clashed with Paul One and Colonel clashed with Unabomber. Cooler heads prevailed in each case.

The only real disappointment was that the Living Legend couldn't play due to family commitment.

"If there's one name that's synonymous with road hockey it's Living Legend," Wink said of the fellow founding father. "He was really missed."

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June 02, 2004

Underdogs get bitten

The underdog's job to force a decisive mini-game in Sunday's Stanley Stick Championship finale just got a little tougher. The Living Legend has announced he'll miss the season's climactic showdown to tend to a family emergency.

And that's just the latest blow to the hopes of his team's moribund mates as they try to rebound from a 20-13 loss in the series' opener. The Colonel is a gametime decision as he also wrestles with a familial crisis. And diminutive sniper, the Kid, continues to struggle with a lingering back injury that kept him out of the lineup for the last two games of the regular season.

While the expected addition of stalwart centerman Wendel, who missed the series' opener because of a previously-scheduled social engagement, may spark his side's anemic offense, there's no doubt they're facing a monumental challenge to solve the hot hand, and pads, of Ottoman, who was at the top of his game in last week's opener.

"Ottoman has to be the early favourite for MVP," says notorious gameshow host gone bad, Wink, who will have to become his team's inspirational leader with the loss of his fellow founding father. "He bailed them out time and time again."

Sensing their opportunity for a series' sweep, Sunday's favorites are reportedly stepping up their preparation, with pre-game practices and strategy sessions. As well as a healthy dose of trash-talking.

"Our team is stacked," says speedy centerman, Rudy.

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