September 29, 2003

Two more to miss the opener

Elvis and Billy Idol will also be absent from the Pre-season opener on October 5th due to a hectic shooting schedule. We do however encourage the other roadsters to take full advantage of their exhibition game without us...and remember as you take a few weeks to find your legs after a long summer off...some of us haven't stopped at all.

See you all in couple of weeks...and good luck.

Elvis and Billy

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September 26, 2003

PFG to miss pre-season opener

Pig Farming Goalie says he'll likely miss next week's pre-season opener, after he became the latest veteran roadster to fall to the off-season injury bug.

The agrarian goaltender says he aggravated an old knee injury when he knocked legs with another player while playing unsanctioned soccer last Thursday. The knee filled with fluid.

"While the injury is far from serious, the swollen joint will need time to allow the fluid to drain," says Pig Farming Goalie, in a statement. He anticipates he'll be ready to return for the season's second exhibition game.

PFG joins Paul One and the Living Legend on the off-season sidelines. One is still rehabilitating a badly broken wrist and the Legend is on the mend after he was hit by a car while dry-land training.

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September 21, 2003

One ready, despite injury, age

Paul One says he's ready for the new road hockey season, but he won't have much of a wrist shot.

The aging veteran is still rehabilitating a badly-broken wrist, suffered in a dry-land training accident shortly after last Spring's Stanley Stick Championship Series. And, after emergency surgery to stabilize the shattered joint, eight weeks in a cast and another eight weeks of rehab, he says recovery is taking a little longer than he expected.

"There definitely is an age factor when it comes to recovery," says One, the league's second-oldest active player, after the Living Legend. "You get an injury like that and you start thinking well, there's things that are more important than sports. It definitely gives you pause."

But with a new generation of young, quick and skilled roadsters nipping at his heels, looking to show up the wily veterans, One says he knew he couldn't pause for long.

"Each year it feels like I'm losing a step to the young guys, that's for sure," says One. "I feel the pressure a bit more. These guys are starting better right out of the gate, injury or no injury."

So the speedy centerman kept running through his recovery. And a special waterproof cast allowed him to work out in the swimming pool.

"My style of game is a little bit of a running style, and if I can't do that, I pretty much can't do anything," says One. "I don't think I'll be 100 percent, but I wanna be in as good condition as I can be."

And while his fitness is coming along, he says the wrist is another matter.

"I've been trying to take some wrist shots, and it's very painful," says One. He's been testing the hobbled hinge by taking shots against the wall in his suburban basement. "The couple of times I have taken shots, it just sorta collapses like a wet noodle. It's very unpredictable."

But with the first pre-season game still two weeks away, he's optimistic.

"I don't know how effective or ineffective I'm going to be until I step onto that court and get into a game situation," says One. "You really start to look forward to the season starting, you start to think of the hockey court."

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September 15, 2003


Does the pre-season start this weekend (Sep 21?)

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September 12, 2003

Unleash the hounds

From its humble beginnnings as a photocopied handout called Road Hockey Illustrated, to its current incarnation as an online multimedia extravaganza, has always been ABOUT the colorful collection of dedicated players who feel the sting of the evil orange plastic ball every week. But now, the premiere road hockey website on the internet will truly be FOR the roadsters. is now interactive.

Now every regular roadster can add their own news items, opinions and game reports, to appear immediately on the site's new Current page.

And while veteran road hockey beat reporter, Jay Suburb, will still be contributing his own candid and painstakingly researched reports, he says he hopes throwing open the site to all the roadsters will breathe new life into it while cutting the demands on his time. He says he'll continue to produce the weekly photo gallery.

"The roadsters always seem to have a lot to say about the media coverage, so now they'll have a way to be the media," says Suburb. "It's kinda the democratization of Hopefully they'll use this new privilege responsibly."

And if they don't, Suburb says he'll have his finger poised over the Delete button.

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September 10, 2003

A new season, a new look

Sunday Morning Road Hockey will begin its 14th season on October 5, with a two-week preseason schedule.

The extra week of preparation will help some of the aging veterans fully recover from off-season injuries, including Paul One, who suffered a devastating wrist injury shortly after last Spring's Stanley Stick Championship series. The league's most senior player, the Living Legend, is also still on the mend after a mid-summer collision with a car while preparing for the upcoming season riding his bike.

And the dawn of the new season is also the beginning of a bold new era for, the league's official online newsletter.

While the look of the will only change slightly, sophisticated new features will make the site truly interactive. Registered roadsters will be able to upload their own comments and insights about the games, and visitors will be able to write instant feedback. The current season will also feature a fully searchable archive.

"I want the site to become a real community for the roadsters and the fans," says Jay Suburb,'s longtime publisher, editor and programmer. And giving the roadsters access to write their own stories and commentaries about the games will free him up to work on more exciting additions.

"There's a bunch of roadsters who still haven't got cards," says Suburb.

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