March 24, 2019

Joker gets the last laugh with big saves

If this is Tuesday, you must be my defence man.

That’s the thought Joker may have had going through his head as he tried to keep track of a revolving roster of teammates and opponents in a game of rolling half-court Sunday.

It was a big challenge, said the comeback creaseminder who made his first start between the pipes in several weeks. In fact, he allowed one goal to Nouvelle Guy because he thought the veteran was actually his defence man.

“It’s a constant struggle to keep track of who’s who,” said Joker. “It keeps you on your toes.”

It also meant no rest for his lightning glove hand, which was in fine form, especially in the game’s early going. Time and again Joker thwarted scoring opportunities by swallowing the ball with his gaping trapper, smothering it from hovering forwards prowling for a loose rebound.

“I felt fresh,” said Joker. “When you start strong, you just want to keep that going.”
Not that opposing snipers didn’t find success.

“It’s typical Joker,” said Lak Attack, who was Sunday’s leading scorer with six goals. “We break him down after he makes a few good saves.”

In a game with rolling linemates, Lak Attack said it was important to their tendencies and fire as many shots as possible at Joker, hoping to find a crack in his game.

“You have to drive to the net and hope for the rebounds because you know he’s going to make the first save,” he said.

For his part, Joker tried to be as disruptive as possible, knocking down passes with his stick, jabbing his way into cross-crease cuts.

“My goal is to frustrate as many players as possible,” he said.

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