January 13, 2019

Big D comes up big

As much as Sunday Morning Road Hockey has struggled this season, it hasn’t in net.

Big D became the latest player to strap on the goalie pads, and he overcame some shaky goals in the game’s first half to lead his team to a 10-9 win.

Big D joins the ranks of regular rearguards Joker, Kid and Lak Attack. And while the young plugger admits making the adjustment from running up and down the court trying to score to trying to prevent goals from being scored wasn’t easy, he was buoyed by the scoring prowess of his teammates, who were able to power his side back from an early deficit.

“It definitely helps to have some guys on your team who can score,” Big D said. “It gives you confidence.”

Veteran roadster Whirling Dervish said he was impressed by Big D’s poise.
“That kid was solid,” he said. “He’s got ice running through his veins.”

Staring into the bright, low sun in the game’s first half, Big D found himself occasionally caught out of position. But he didn’t shy from sacrificing himself to dive back and rob opposing shooters.

“Big D had no quit,” Joker said. “(He) stood on his head tonight and played a pretty good game.”

With each side playing a man short, defence was sparse, adding to the young goalie’s trial by fire. Whirling Dervish said his side tried to take full advantage.

“We were just trying to shoot anything at him really,” he said. “We were trying to get some rebounds and rattle him.”

Joker said he was impressed by Big D’s willingness to hang in there, even as shots rained in.

“You’ve just to be prepared for the shots because eventually guys are going to get tired and they’ll stop passing and just start shooting,” he said.

Once the young keeper found his glove hand and didn’t shy from smothering the ball at any opportunity, his side was able to claw their way back and squeak out the win.

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