December 09, 2018

Sunday Morning Road Hockey looks for reset in new year

Sunday Morning Road Hockey is over.

For now.

Gripped with attendance woes, foul weather and general ennui, the league is taking the rest of the calendar year off. The season will commence with the Shrimp Ring Bowl on Jan. 6.

League commissioner Living Legend said it will be a chance for the players to spend an extended holiday break with their friends and family, while feeding their hunger to get back to the courts.

He said he hopes a renewed commitment to the weekly games will be accompanied by new recruits.

“This is everyone’s chance to work on those potential players who’ve expressed interest in joining the game,” the Living Legend said in a press release. “What better way to welcome them with a big game to launch the new year, and free shrimp!”

More than two months into the 27th season, the league has missed more games than it’s played. But there have been signs of life, including the return of veterans like Beckenbauer and Colonel, as well as special guest appearances by retired roadsters Elvis and Pig Farming Goalie. Kid was as sharp as ever during his starts in net, and Lak Attack is back as the league’s most versatile player willing to take on any role to ensure the game continues.

The commissioner likened the league’s difficulties through the first half of the season to the NHL lockout in 1994-95 that cost that league half a season’s worth of games.

“This is our chance for a reset,” he said. “We can put the Stanley Stick and first half of the non-season season behind us to focus on having a great run up to the final in April.”

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Posted by jaysuburb at December 9, 2018 04:25 PM

I Will make it out for the Shrimp Ring Bowl. To play goal or forward. Whatever is needed.

Posted by: Joker at January 6, 2019 12:56 AM

Big D and I will be there.

Posted by: Nouvelle at January 5, 2019 08:53 PM

Comments are open! Shrimp Ring Bowl is tomorrow!

Posted by: Jay Suburb at January 5, 2019 07:48 PM