April 08, 2018

Lak Attack ready to step in

Lak Attack says he’s ready to strap on the pads in the Stanley Stick if he’s called upon.

The veteran sniper was a surprise starter in net on Sunday when Joker was a late scratch to due family issues. But the replacement rearguard proved himself a capable shotstopper as he managed to post a winning record in an impromptu tournament of two-on-two games when the injury list became much longer than the starting lineups.

“This is good practice to get in and get a good read on the ball,” Lak Attack said after the soggy scrimmages. “If I play in the Stanley Stick, I think I’ll be ready.”

And Lak Attack can state that with confidence as time and again he came up big on two-on zero and one-man breakaways.

“It’s lots of fun because you know you’re going to face lots of shots,” Lak Attack said.

Some of those even came from his competitor in the opposite net, as Kid became a key part of his side’s offensive strategy when Cleveland and Living Legend were his teammates. It’s a strategy that paid immediate benefits.

“It shows you the power of three-on-twos and just having that one extra guy adds such a big dynamic,” Doo said.

Lak Attack said Sunday’s deluge of odd-man and uncontested rushes gave him some valuable intelligence on potential opponents should he get the call to tend net.

“You can try to get a read on what kind of plays they typically like to go to,” Lak Attack said. “Guys usually have two or three moves and on a day like today you get a better chance to see those.”

Doo said that information is also important for potential lineups looking for chemistry.

“When you’ve only got one guy, you’ve really got to get inside their head,” he said. “You’ve got to know where they're going to be within a few minutes.”

Posted by jaysuburb at April 8, 2018 08:26 PM