March 25, 2018

Doo's departure dooms mates

Doo’s early departure doomed his team to a 13-8 loss in Sunday’s game.

The young speedster left after only a few shifts because of back spasms, entrusting his side to the rickety legs of Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s two most senior players, Colonel and Living Legend, along with Scooby, who’s endured his own injury challenges this season. They came up short to the challenge, feebly chopping rebounds right back into the pads of Joker, then giving up odd-man rushes on the transition as they struggled to hustle back.

“Everyone was tired,” Scooby said. “We gave up too many odd-man rushes.”

Their opponents, Lak Attack and Cleveland, were quick to capitalize, as Velma cruised for loose balls to convert to garbage goals.

“We had lots of chances,” Lak Attack said. “We just kept going.”

Scooby said the toll of Doo’s absence really took hold in the game’s second half, when his elderly mates struggled to stay upright. More often than not their offensive opportunities petered into harmless lobs into Joker’s pads.

“It’s harder to score when you’re tired,” Scooby said.

Lak Attack conceded Doo’s departure definitely helped his team. Not only did they no longer have to worry about his offensive ability, they could better manage their effort against an opponent with a similar manpower challenge.

“Our odds increased by at least half because of the loss of Doo’s legs and his skill level,” Lak Attack said. “Doo has a great shot and he probably would have picked up some of those rebounds and buried them. The game would have been much closer.”

The win was especially important for Joker, who’s been struggling to find himself on the winning side in recent weeks. And with a month to go until the opening game of the Stanley Stick championship series, the battle for the chalice just got tougher with two goalies at the top of their game.

“This was good for him,” said Lak Attack of his shot stopping teammate. “He made some big saves today.”

Posted by jaysuburb at March 25, 2018 07:58 PM

K looking good don't know about my plus one but we seem to have numbers should be a sunny day see you all there

Posted by: Cleveland at March 31, 2018 07:51 PM

I am in

Posted by: lakattack at March 31, 2018 07:24 PM

I'm in with a +1.

Posted by: Living Legend at March 31, 2018 06:17 PM

Cleveland is in and I saw Nouvelle comment and say he is it's lost in the spam I am asking a friend too anyone else? I know lak legend joker and kid were all a yes last week

Posted by: Cleveland at March 31, 2018 04:00 PM

I am planning to go tomorrow...anyone else?

Posted by: Nouvelle at March 31, 2018 03:20 PM

Comments are open. Mind the spam.

Posted by: Jay Suburb at March 31, 2018 08:46 AM