March 18, 2018

Loss squanders Big D's outburst

Another career performance was squandered Sunday.

Big D scored six times but his team stumbled to a 15-9 loss despite playing with a manpower advantage most of the game.

It was a virtuoso coming out for the young forward who initially joined the league as the “future consideration” when Nouvelle Guy was acquired. His offensive outburst affirmed Big D’s future may be now.

“He had a great game,” said Doo. “Kid’s not an easy goalie to beat six times.”

Tentative and timid earlier in his career, Big D has been growing, putting on weight and gaining confidence steadily through his young career at the road hockey courts. That’s been paying off on the score sheet.

“When he goes into the corners, he’s been able to fight it out with the best of them,” said Nouvelle Guy.

And while his positioning on the transition still needs some work, Doo said he’s got all the tools to be a force in the very near future.

“He’s got really good individual skills,” said the speedy centreman who showed some offensive prowess of his own Sunday, teaming up time and again with Cleveland to lead their side to an easy victory. “He’s got great hands and a killer instinct around the net.”

But Big D’s mates weren’t able to leverage that killer instinct to bury their opponents even after Gary Busey had to leave the game early when he was hit in the eye by a shot that deflected up off his own stick.

“We should have been able to take advantage of having the extra guy,” said Nouvelle Guy. “We didn’t run it out and run them ragged like I thought we could.”

Doo said the slippery concrete, slicked by a rain squall that subsided early in the game, meant neither team could elevate their pace.

“Because it was slick, everyone had to keep their speed down,” said Doo, who instead used some deft passing plays with Cleveland to power their offense.

A few fortuitous bounces that skipped past Joker also seemed to sap his mates.

“That can rattle you,” said Doo of the fluke goals. “I think Joker just had a run of bad luck, and once he’s off his game, it’s easier to give yourself permission to shoot rather than try to make the perfect play.

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Posted by jaysuburb at March 18, 2018 08:17 PM

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Posted by: Jay Suburb at March 19, 2018 06:56 AM

Thanks for the update Velma. Good news about Gary Busey, who is, in fact, Gary Busey. Bit of confusion, but now that he has done something notable, it won't happen again ;-)

Posted by: Jay Suburb at March 18, 2018 09:55 PM

I see I have not beaten the spam bot. Frustrating game today. But the more important thing is, apparently Gary Busey (now attributed to two players?) who got in hit in the eye saw a specialist. Some blood in the eye. Vision is coming back, but affected still.

Posted by: Velma at March 18, 2018 08:28 PM