February 04, 2018

Lack of shots costs Scooby and his gang

Velma and his veteran mates started converting odd-man rushes to break open a tight-checking game and beat their rookie-laden rivals 10-3 Sunday.

For much of the game’s first hour, neither side gave a quarter and it seemed doubtful they’d even reach the first five-goal break before time expired.

But a relentless run of odd-man rushes finally started producing results.

Velma said his side just had to stick with its game plan.

“You’ve got to play the bounces and play the odds and sooner or later you’re going to get bounces on your stick,” said the veteran winger, whose side was anchored by stalwart veterans Nouvelle Guy and Lak Attack.

Scooby said his side just ran out of steam.

“I think as the game went on, we got a bit more tired than they were,” said the dynamic speedster.

That may have been due to the two rookies, Gary Busey and Screech, who cracked the lineup but seemed to struggle with the pace at times.

Scooby said his side needed to simplify its game by just firing shots at the net at every opportunity.

“There’s just more chances generated when your able to throw the ball on net,” said Scooby. “We just didn’t do nearly enough of that today.”

Velma said his side set out to exploit the rookies at every opportunity.

“Not knowing the court, not knowing the wet spots, you could see a bunch of the new guys going down left, right and centre, and you’ve got an odd-man rush right away,” said Velma.

Scooby said even when his team did manage to break through, they were thwarted by the glove hand and hoovering pads of Kid, who returned to the crease after he missed last week’s game.

“If you looked at our three goals, I think most of them were just shots where he was screened,” said Scooby of Kid’s infallibility.

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