November 19, 2017

Veterans play waiting game

A combination of Joker’s fatigue in net and the sense by a pair of veteran players to take advantage powered Lak Attack and Living Legend to a pair of half-court victories over a pair of crafty rust belt forwards, Cleveland and Ohio.

In a steady rain that slicked the concrete courts, two of Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s most senior forwards kept their footing and patiently awaiting Joker’s inevitable lull to fire five unanswered goals in the first game, and then edge their younger and speedier opponents 3-2 in the follow-up.

“We’ve been around the courts for a long time, and you know when you can wait for some lucky bounces,” said Lak Attack.

He and his teammate also knew Joker would eventually tire from the constant barrage of shots from both teams.

While the reliable rearguard was aggressive on the ball in the early going, lunging to intercept passes and poke checking advancing forwards with his stick, the effort of stopping both teams steadily wore him down.

That’s when the veteran forwards adjusted their game plan from up court passes to constant shooting from every distance and angle. It paid off, as Lak Attack connected from long range and Living Legend found gaps from impossible angles.

Joker admitted there was little he could do against the assault.

“At the beginning of the game, it was a lit easier because everyone is trying to pass,” he said. “But after a while everyone is getting tired and the shots are coming in and I’m tired too.”

Cleveland said his side wasn’t prepared for the strategic shift.

“We probably didn’t adjust as well,” he said. “It can be difficult when you’re so used to playing three-on-three, then you end up with the half court game.”

But Lak Attack said his side’s decision to rain shots on net was as much a product of the weather conditions.

“This was one of those sloppy game, you’re not going to get crisp passes.”

Joker said the slippery court should have played into his favour.

“I’m a little more maneuverable, and the players are slower,” he said.

Posted by jaysuburb at November 19, 2017 10:10 PM

Yes, I'll be there today. Looking forward to it!

Posted by: The Colonel at December 3, 2017 09:17 AM

Don't know about Ohio but I'm out same as last week

Posted by: Cleveland at December 2, 2017 11:15 PM

Big D and I will be there tomorrow!

Posted by: Nouvelle at December 2, 2017 11:13 PM

Things are in flux. I may be there after all. Gametime decision.

Posted by: Living Legend at December 2, 2017 10:50 PM

Just bring the kid to hockey... many babysitters available on that day lol!

Colonel! You good to go yet???

Posted by: lakattack at December 1, 2017 01:37 PM

Looks like I'll be absent from Sunday's game. Family duties. Bummer, as the weather forecast is good.

Posted by: Living Legend at December 1, 2017 06:11 AM

Went Shopping at the hockey shop last night and finally bought me some new gloves and blades.

Some good deals!

Posted by: lakattack at November 28, 2017 10:06 AM

Hey boys,

Just wanted to let you know that the Hockey Shop in Surrey is now open in the old Best Buy Building at Surrey Central Mall.

Posted by: lakattack at November 27, 2017 12:21 PM

Both Ohio and I are out tomorrow, invited to play a game.

Posted by: Cleveland at November 25, 2017 09:09 PM

Now that me and legend dominated the duo of Cleve and Ohio, we are ready for the next challenge:

Sccoby and Doo.
Colonel and Bammer.
Cowboy and Nouvelle.

Who's next?? lol!

Posted by: lakattack at November 20, 2017 03:38 PM