August 19, 2017

Tradition excites roadsters to start season

In its 26 years, Sunday Morning Road Hockey has developed more than a few traditions. In fact, some players contend it’s those traditions that have kept the game alive for so long.

Wednesday, the roadsters renewed one of their most beloved rituals, the annual midsummer scrimmage.

For the second year running, the roadsters teamed up with players from the doppelgänger gang that populates the court during the summer hiatus — the formative years of a new tradition perhaps?

And, of course, Beetle Boy made his traditional faux comeback, teasing the roadsters with his scoring knack and the possibility he may forsake his rogue indoor career to return to the outdoor game.

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen,” said Beetle Boy. “But games like this, and the fun I have, it definitely makes you want to come back.”

Colonel’s heard that refrain before, and he wasn’t about to be duped again.
“You’ve got to play. Hockey is like that.”

Doo, himself the subject of comeback rumours after he missed all but one game last season following a car accident and his defection to another rogue league, said it’s hard to build a season from one scrimmage. But it does excite the desire to play.

“You remind yourself why it’s fun to play,” said the scoring speedster. “It’s really important to recharge the hockey batteries.”

Colonel said as he gets older, the traditional summer game has become a barometer of his advancing years and the toll they may be taking on his skills.

“You realize you’ve lost your hands a little bit more than anything,” said the Colonel. “It seems more crowded out there, It’s harder to move the ball.”

Training camp opens Sunday, Oct. 1 and the regular season begins two weeks later, on the 15th.

Posted by jaysuburb at August 19, 2017 08:11 PM