January 29, 2017

Sputtering season disappoints veterans

The snow may have turned to rain, but Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s season is still on ice.

It’s been eight weeks since the roadsters slapped the evil orange plastic ball in anger and some of the league’s veteran players are beginning to question the fortitude of its next generation.

“I think they’re about as flaccid as it gets,” said Colonel, one of only four players to report Sunday.

For the second week in a row, the game was forced to an alternate venue as the home courts remain encased in a sheet of inches-thick ice despite a week of warmer temperatures and melting rain.

But Colonel said the temporary venue shouldn’t be an excuse for the roadsters’ sputtering start to the season’s second half. Nor should the chilling cloudburst that drenched the roadsters just as they warmed up Sunday.

“We’ve had crappy weather, but we’ve had crappy weather before,” said Colonel.
The rainstorm didn’t deter Joker.

“We’ve come out in worse weather than this,” said the veteran goaltender. “The roadsters should be able to make it out in any kind of weather.”

Indeed, previous generations of roadsters were renowned for enduring any kind of weather to ensure the game played on. Their lack of resolve to clear the courts after they were covered by the first snowfall in early December contributed to the extended mid-season hiatus as subsequent snowfalls turned to an impenetrable covering of ice and frozen slush during an extended cold snap.

“They don’t understand the work ethic,” said Colonel, a veteran of shovel brigades in seasons’ past. “They grew up in such privilege, always being handed everything on a silver platter… The younger players just want everything handed to them.”

Joker said it's time for those players to prove their mettle. “There are some fair weather players that need to suck it up.”

Posted by jaysuburb at January 29, 2017 03:14 PM

Went by and took a look and knew there was no way.
Hey Commish....Can we delay the Stanley Stick by a few weeks given the extremely crappy string of weather?

Posted by: Guy Leroux at February 5, 2017 01:57 PM

Sorry, no chance today. Buried by work, similar to the foot of snow. Sounds like the three of us would have cleared anything anyhow. Hope for warm weather and rain to get the season back on track. I vote for an extension to the season so that we can get some games in. At this point, it is feeling like we might only play 7 or 8 weeks, and that seems hopeful. Far to little. Let's play into May!

Posted by: The Colonel at February 5, 2017 12:34 PM

came late and no one here

Posted by: lakattack at February 5, 2017 11:01 AM

It's snowing lightly at the courts. There's about a foot already on the ground. I'm the only one here😟 The Stanley Stick is 11 weeks away 😳

Posted by: Living Legend at February 5, 2017 10:52 AM

Really Colonel! Work on Sunday! your lazy ass did not finish that on Fri or Sat!!!! Come on!

Posted by: lakattack at February 4, 2017 08:54 PM

Sweet! there tomorrow

Posted by: lakattack at February 4, 2017 08:51 PM

BRING SHOVELS! Regular courts at Herbert Spencer!

Posted by: Living Legend at February 4, 2017 05:21 PM

Can't make tomorrow. Work deadlines. Sorry guys.

Posted by: The Colonel at February 4, 2017 02:28 PM

Congrats Cleve!

Commish is it a wait and see for tomorrows game??

Posted by: lakattack at February 4, 2017 10:24 AM

Hey congrats Cleveland! Playing road hockey on two hours sleep is the best road hockey!

Posted by: Living Legend at February 4, 2017 07:41 AM

Had a child right before Christmas so ducking out Sunday mornings after playing Saturday night has not been in the cards. I'll try to be there this week, maybe with Ohio.

Posted by: Cleveland at February 4, 2017 02:29 AM


I am coming and bringing a shovel too! Also bringing some big ASS ATTITUDE so all the fair weather @#$! Roadster better stay home or stay clear!

Posted by: lakattack at February 2, 2017 01:46 PM

Colonel, Remind me again about 2 weeks ago when Big D and I played against you and the legend...oh ya 10 - 5 was it?

Need some trash talkin from the others! Bringing a SHOVEL on Sunday.

Posted by: Nouvelle at February 1, 2017 08:33 PM

Or they can haul their enlarged butts to the courts to help shovel them clear!

Posted by: Living Legend at February 1, 2017 06:41 PM


Not only getting fat, but slow and sucking wind!

So where's Bammer,Scoob, Cleveland, Ohio, Wink, Coach, Twiz??

Good news! We are getting more snow this Friday so all the missing roadsters can have another week off!

Posted by: lakattack at February 1, 2017 11:42 AM

And what the heck happened to the Kid? It's like he showed up just enough times to steal our goal-tending equipment never to be seen or heard from again! Don't tell PFG. He'll be pissed, err disturbed!

Posted by: The Colonel at January 30, 2017 10:53 PM

Rowan to Colonel to Tate ... he scores high over Joker's blocker to top off a come-from-behind thriller 5-3 for the young guns + Colonel. Guy and Legend, shame! Shame! To lose to a team with so little experience but so much heart must make you wonder whether it's time to hand them up. Just kidding of course.
Thanks again for the fun game! Lemonade out of lemons. Maybe next week the rest of the roadsters can take a few minutes away from the familiar comfort of their cookies and cocoa to come for a run and a good time! I hear Lak is getting fat.

Posted by: The Colonel at January 30, 2017 10:50 PM

Sorry boys! Still dealing with the bug but feeling much better. I should be good to go next week.

I say meet at the home court regardless of any icy conditions. Just bring a shovel or two to clear some icy areas.

Posted by: lakattack at January 29, 2017 05:46 PM