January 28, 2017

Courts remain ice-locked

Some sections of the road hockey courts are still frozen with an inches-thick layer of ice. So Sunday’s game will once again be played at Fraser River Middle School.

Living Legend, who scouted the courts late Saturday, said most of the surface at both courts is clear, but huge swaths of thick, impenetrable ice remain around the nets at the east end. In fact, the ice is so thick, the gates are still frozen in place.

“Unfortunately, the courts are in the shade most of the day, so the warm sun in the past week hasn’t had much of an effect,” said the fellow founding father.

A few more days of mild weather should take care of the rest of the ice, and diminish the ice mounds on the center court, said the Legend. Then it should take only a modest shovel brigade to return the courts to game condition.

Posted by jaysuburb at January 28, 2017 07:58 PM

Yep, will bring a net. If anyone has any zip strips, please bring them in case there are a couple of holes that need fixing.

Posted by: The Colonel at January 29, 2017 09:38 AM

Colonel, if you are able to bring a net as well, that would be great.

Posted by: Living Legend at January 29, 2017 07:11 AM

Will be there with a net.
Hopefully more people plan on coming out. No Big D this week.

Posted by: Nouvelle at January 29, 2017 12:11 AM