December 31, 2016

Shrimp Ring Bowl could be frozen out

The annual Shrimp Ring Bowl is still eight days away, but the odds against it happening are piling up.

More snow is falling on the road hockey courts, which are a tundra of crusted snow and ice. Only an extended thaw will make them playable, said the Living Legend, who dropped by Saturday to assess their condition.

“There’s about six inches of snow on the court, and it’s so hard you can walk on it,” said the fellow founding father. “It’s beyond the help of a shovel brigade; it would take a pick-axe army to clear it. Or a week of monsoon rains.”

But the weather forecast for the coming week is for continued sub-zero temperatures and, possibly, even more snow by next weekend.

That’s bad news for the roadsters, whose season has been on pause for nearly a month after a series of winter storms buried the courts and resulted in the cancellation of two games before the traditional holiday break.

If next week’s Shrimp Ring Bowl is put on ice, it won’t be the first time. In 2009 the roadsters weren’t able to launch the back half of the season until Jan. 19 after record-setting snow and cold froze the schedule for five weeks. And even then it took a heroic two-hour shoveling effort to clear the concrete.

Posted by jaysuburb at December 31, 2016 03:40 PM