December 15, 2016

Season on ice until Shrimp Ring Bowl

Sunday's game is canceled.

With the road hockey courts already a frozen moonscape of ice and packed snow, and more snow in the forecast for Sunday morning, commissioner and fellow founding father Living Legend said it's best to shutter the season until the new year.

Warmer temperatures and rain are forecast beginning Monday. And with the league already scheduled to be dark the following two holiday Sundays, that gives plenty of time for Mother Nature to get the concrete surfaces back into playing condition.

"It's a busy time of year anyway," said the Legend. "It doesn't make sense to have people come out only to be disappointed that getting the court playable would require a huge effort."

The next scheduled game will be Jan. 8. It's also the Shrimp Ring Bowl, the roadsters' traditional celebration of the new year. The last game was played Dec. 4.

That means the league will have been dark for more than a month by the time play resumes, which could be good news for fellow founding father Wink, who's missed several weeks recovering from an injury. But he's been at the courts the last two games participating in warm ups and shoot arounds, indicating he's likely almost ready to return to action.

Posted by jaysuburb at December 15, 2016 09:03 PM