April 10, 2016

Bam Bam's return a battle

After missing more than a month of the season with an ankle injury, Bam Bam didn’t have the luxury of easing himself back into the lineup.

Sunday’s game was the last regular game before the Stanley Stick championship series, and the feisty forward felt the full intensity of the season’s short strokes in his team’s tough 15-12 loss.

“I was definitely two or three steps behind,” said Bam Bam. “The cardio will take some work, as will the physical aspect of keeping up on the dry surface.”

It was definitely a spirited affair as players from both sides were fearless in blocking shots and relentless in their offensive attacks.

“The intensity was high,” said Doo. “There was lots of good stick work, lots of back checking and the goaltenders played really well.”

All factors which set up an epic finale when players leave it all on the court every shift.

“Every bounce counts,” said Bam Bam. “It’s a lot different from regular season games.”

The addition of several rookies midway through the season likely won’t lessen the ferocious commitment it takes to win the Stick, said Doo.

“They’ve had a lot of games together to get acclimatized to our game,” said the speedy centreman. “There’s no true rookies out there.”

Sunday’s warmup featured two great swings of momentum as each team managed to battle back from three goal deficits to build three-goal advantages of their own.

Doo said it was important to take full advantage of any lapse in concentration.

“When you see your opponents letting up, you just have to pounce and we were the ones able to do that at the end.”

Bam Bam conceded the momentum swings are inevitable in such an intense game.

“Every week we know teams are going to go on a run,” said the veteran forward. “Once you have it going your way, you have to capitalize as much as you can.”

Which is exactly what his side did as they used some fortuitous bounces and won some difficult battles at the top of the crease to rebound from an early three-goal deficit by scoring six straight goals.

“We weren’t giving them anything, but they just found the space out there,” said Doo. “They had a little better body position, they were a bit faster.”

But they couldn’t sustain it and the leaders gave up a five-goal run of their own en route to their demise.

“I think it was pretty even today,” said Bam Bam. “They got a couple more bounces.”

Posted by jaysuburb at April 10, 2016 08:05 PM

Twizzler is in for the Stick.
Warm up at 10:10, card pull at 10:25, game start at 10:30. See you tomorrow!

Posted by: The Colonel at April 16, 2016 04:02 PM

Hey boys I will be there tomorrow hope for a good turn out and game

Posted by: Twizzler at April 16, 2016 04:02 PM

Looks like it'll be a warm one on Sunday! Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen. Looking forward to a good first game!

Posted by: Doo at April 15, 2016 09:11 AM