March 20, 2016

Sunday's win a long shot

Wink’s long sizzler that eluded Colonel’s flailing glove hand was a fitting winner for his side’s sudden-death 10-9 victory in Sunday’s game.

The distance shot had vexed the netminders all day.

“For a goalie who doesn’t play very much, the long shot tends to move a lot,” said Colonel, who stepped between the pipes when regular back-up Lak Attack was a surprise scratch. “The ball dips away and you’re just not used to that curl.”

His opponents had used the long shot to build a 6-3 lead, five of those goals by opportunist Doo, who pounced on rebounds or zeroed his sights on Colonel’s gaping five-hole.

“From our perspective, we just had to get a lot of low shots on net, get some bodies in front and take advantage of rebounds,” said Doo.

But when his mates started to get fancy, stretching for the extra pass instead of putting shots on net, the game’s momentum shifted and their three goal advantage disappeared.

“There were definitely some ebbs and flows to the game,” said Colonel as his mates used their own pinpoint shots to wrest an 8-6 lead.

“Everybody has such a quick release,” said Joker. “They can shoot the big bombs but they also get them off really quickly and that can be tough for a goalie to deal with.”

Doo said his own goalie’s struggle with long shots was a bit of a wakeup call to tighten up defensively.

“When you haven’t got any spares, you can’t play hard every minute,” said the speedy centreman. “You’re going to give up some chances and that’s when you’ve got to rely on your goalie.”

They also got back to the game that had put them in the lead initially, peppering shots at the net.

“We didn’t have to make the one extra pass,” said Joker. “Once we started shooting, it started going in.”

Posted by jaysuburb at March 20, 2016 03:52 PM

Sorry boys. I completely gapped and forgot today was easter. Otherwise I would've let you know last week I can't make it today. Should be the last scratch this year though.

Posted by: Joker at March 27, 2016 08:40 AM

Everyone in tomorrow?

Posted by: Doo at March 26, 2016 04:09 PM

Sooo Colonel gets a KUDOS and I get a what the.... you let that ... in or SHOT, SHOT, from the impossible angle! Thanks Wink! No more goals for you!!!!

Sounds like it was a good game! I will be out next week!

Best Shot of Colonel ever! More please lol!

Posted by: lakattack at March 21, 2016 08:23 PM

When it came to stopping Doo, I was about as good as this week's cover photo. Nice angle Suburb.

Please tell me there are other, better photos from this week's action!!! Maybe one of Joker pulling on the goalie gear or a gratuitous shot of Lak dropping it off?

Posted by: The Colonel at March 21, 2016 05:51 PM

Kudos to Colonel for stepping up and playing goal. He was very good, too.

Posted by: Wink at March 20, 2016 09:30 PM

Kudos to Colonel for stepping up and playing goal. He was very good, too.

Posted by: Wink at March 20, 2016 09:30 PM