February 07, 2016

Rookies run roughshod in 15-7 rout

The road hockey careers of Coach, Cleveland and Ohio totals less than 10 games. Combined.

Sunday they teamed up with the league’s most senior player in a 15-7 rout of their overwhelmed opponents.

The offensive chemistry of the new foundlings was apparent right from the opening face off. They passed the evil orange plastic ball with authority. They executed dizzying give-and-goes that left defenders spinning on their flat feet.

Only some remarkable saves by Lak Attack prevented the game from getting out of hand in its earliest moments.

“They were just way too skilled,” said the beleaguered backstop. “They were moving their feet more than us, they were playing as a unit.”

That unit got a big assist from the longtime hockey history between Cleveland and Ohio. But Sunday was the first time they’d both played on the same side at the road hockey courts.

“It’s almost like the chemistry was there between them even before they started playing the game,” said Colonel, who spent portions of the game just watching the dizzying playmaking of his opponents. “They were making bang bang passes, lots of nifty little moves.”

Supported capably by Coach and Living Legend, who chipped in a pair of goals of his own, the upstarts opened the lead to as many as seven goals before the determined underdogs started to claw their way back. But they couldn’t get any closer than 10-7 before surrendering five straight down the stretch.

“We got a couple of opportunistic goals but at the end of the day they were the better team,” said Colonel.

Which was good news for Joker, who was coming off a dismal performance in last Sunday’s soaker where he gave up 10 goals in a six-minute span. Or maybe it was six goals in a 10-minute span.

“The odd-man rushes and the passing were just unbelievable,” said the jocular netminder. “It makes it a little more comfortable for me back there.”

And very uncomfortable for defenders who just couldn’t keep pace.

“The only way to stop them is by taking their space away,” said Colonel.

The theory may have been sound, said Lak Attack, but the execution was lacking.

“We had a lack of defence today for sure.”

Posted by jaysuburb at February 7, 2016 07:03 PM

Going to be a great game today!

Posted by: mjrg@hotmail.com at February 21, 2016 08:24 AM

Hey boys I am good to go for Tom see u at 1030

Posted by: Twizzler at February 20, 2016 10:15 PM

I'm 75%

Posted by: Yakker at February 20, 2016 07:42 PM

In as well!! Dibs on goalie!

Posted by: lakattack at February 20, 2016 07:21 PM

Confirming my attendance tomorrow.

Posted by: Doo at February 20, 2016 01:50 PM

Hey boys won't be able to make it Tom not fully ready to go need another week cause of my knee surgery been out cause of that and the little one keep me busy I should be good for next Sunday

Posted by: Twizzler at February 13, 2016 11:41 PM

Twiz said he wanted to come out and will confirm Sat night.
Great you are coming Doo!

Posted by: The Colonel at February 13, 2016 12:49 PM

Don't mess with me Colonel!! What does "likely" mean? Must be code for I will try but most likely not be there. Regardless, I will be ready to mind the net for another week.

Posted by: lakattack at February 12, 2016 02:54 PM

There are rumours of an out-of-shape Doo returning to the courts on the 21st...

Posted by: Doo at February 12, 2016 01:30 PM

Connected with Twizzler. He is likely to come out Sunday.

Posted by: The Colonel at February 11, 2016 08:48 PM

I agree with you guys. I think all the new recruits are a great fit and the stick will be an epic marathon for sure.

Posted by: Joker at February 8, 2016 02:14 PM

Did Suburb write this? that ör six goals in a ten minute span" doesn't sound like him.

Posted by: Hired Gun at February 8, 2016 01:35 PM

I'm looking forward to meeting Cleveland and Ohio's friends, WKRP and Cincinnati, to further ramp up the skill and speed of the game next week. The Stick is shaping up to be a good one this year!

Posted by: The Colonel at February 8, 2016 08:09 AM

Helluva game today. We haven't had skill and speed from the start of the game until its final moments like that for years. The guys who've been in and out of the lineup this season are going to have to bring their A game just to keep pace!

Posted by: Living Legend at February 7, 2016 10:02 PM