January 13, 2013

Comeback slips away

Lak Attack's team battled to get within a goal, 12-11, but then they gave up the next three goals to let Sunday's game slip away. Literally.

A cold snap frosted the concrete court, creating precarious footing for the speedsters and heartstopping moments for the goalies.

"It's one of the elements of playing outdoors," said Lak Attack, whose difficulty gaining traction in his crease may have contributed to his yawning five hole that cost his side a handful of goals. "It definitely changes the game."

Especially for speedsters like Scooby and Bam Bam.

"You can't make those turning-on-a-dime plays as much as you'd like," said Scooby, one of the league's more sure-footed forwards. "You can't come out of the wheelhouse in the slot like I'm used to."

"I like to go into the corners and I've got to fight to keep my balance going in," said Bam Bam.

Adding to their trepidation were the hidden patches of ice beneath the glistening white frost that sent a few players tumbling to the concrete.

"You've just got to watch your footing," said Bam Bam. "You've got to make crisp passes, make sure you're strong on the ball."

"You have to be more cautious," said Scooby. "You don't want to fall on your ass."

The cold also wreaked havoc on the ball, changing its heft and hardness. That made it tough on Lak Attack and his opposite counterpart, Colonel.

"You have to be aware that shots can be a bit harder and you're going to feel them a bit more," said Lak Attack. "There's going to be a bit more of a bounce."

The hard, lively ball also creates opportunities, as defenders get out of the way to spare pained shins and shattered toes.

"Guys are a bit less willing to block shots," said Scooby. "You want to let them rip from anywhere."

The key, said Bam Bam, was adapting.

"You've got to be able to go with the bounces," said Bam Bam. "You've got to be smart, play within yourself and take it as it is."

Posted by jaysuburb at January 13, 2013 07:28 PM

I will not be there for the next few weeks at least. I have hurt my foot and cannot run on it at the moment. Hopefully someone else will score profusely on Lak Attack's five hole in my absence.

Posted by: Scooby at January 18, 2013 10:03 PM

You wish, colonel :p

Also, I won't be there this week. Keep it real.

Posted by: Doo at January 18, 2013 08:34 AM

Doo, how are you doing so far this wee?

Any recurring nightmares from that incredible desperation glove save on your clear cut break away? lol

Posted by: The Colonel at January 16, 2013 12:02 AM