February 06, 2011

Scooby gang toothless against vets

The Scooby gang had no bite as they were neutered 20-13 Sunday by a side almost old enough to be their fathers.

In fact, it was that experience that gave the wily veterans the edge they needed to overcome their fleet-footed, athletic foes. Led by the nifty playmaking of Kid and Lak Attack, and the cannon shot of the Colonel, capably supported by the Living Legend and some stellar netminding by Twizzler, the aging roadsters played give-and-go offense to stake an early 8-5 lead.

"There was motivation on our side," said the Colonel. "You've got a young squad of up-and-comers that you're playing against and they were all smiles at the beginning of the game. But when you've played this game a lot, you know what works, you know how to play in a court like this. I think we were able to draw on that today."

Particularly as they hit a lull in the middle part of the game. letting their junior rivals back into the game with a 10-9 lead at half-time. Instead of panicking, the veterans calmly tried to reestablish control. But it was a moment of temper that ultimately gave them the edge.

Battling hard along the end boards, Bam Bam's elbow shot upwards, catching the Colonel just below is right eye and giving him an instantaneous swollen purple mouse. Enraged, the feisty forward stormed off the court to assess the damage and vowed vengeance.

Moments later, he charged back onto the court, bloodlust in his eyes, a target on the back of every young opponent. The fear factor seemed to work, giving the junior players just enough pause as they chased down the evil orange plastic ball or battled along the boards to allow the veterans to wrest the advantage back their way.

"The Colonel did a smart thing," said Chico, who was unable to extend his winning luck to a second straight game. "He came back on the court with a lot of physicality, a lot of aggression, for about 30 seconds, and then he didn't need to do that for the rest of the game. He had showed he was capable of doing it and that made everybody think twice. That's the sign of a veteran."

"It wasn't so much that our side played differently after that," said the Colonel of his dervish-like return to the court. "I think their side played a little more timidly."

The veterans stormed back in front 18-11, then measured their effort on the wet, slicked concrete to hang on for the victory.

"When you've got a little more experience, I think you let the ebb and flow of the game come and go, and you don't let a moment or two that you think is deflating really get to you," said Chico. "We got away from the things we would have liked to do as a young, aggressive team, and the experience of the other team really showed."

"I definitely think it shows them they've still got stuff to learn," said the Colonel. "The mentor still has a trick or two up his sleeves."

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Elbow to the face...Tiger (ie Bam Bam), and I thought you were the front runner for the Lady Bing ...guess I was wrong.

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