September 26, 2010

Training camp gives players edge

It was deja-vu all over again as only a half dozen roadsters reported for training camp Sunday. But a repeat of the attendance woes that dogged the league last season wasn't going to deter the players from stretching their legs and putting a little spark into the coming campaign.

That was provided by the latest rookie, a recruit of the Scooby gang, who showed speed up the wing and a knack for the net.

Which is reason enough for optimism going into next week's regular season opener.

"If we keep getting new guys out to the games, it won't matter so much if the old guard aren't picking up the attendance," said Scrappy, who teamed up with Kid to win the half-court scrimmage 10-8 against a side comprised of the newcomer, Doo and aging veteran the Living Legend.

In fact, there was plenty of positives to take from Sunday's pre-season game.
Twizzler seemed not to have missed a beat as he made solid saves for both sides. Living Legend was fit, Kid wheeled and dealed with mid-season aplomb.

"When you're playing against a guy like Kid, you've got to have your head on a swivel," said Doo, who seemed half a step behind as he shook off the lingering effects of an off-season injury.

Despite playing with the extra man, his team dug themselves a hole early by falling behind their undermanned opponents 5-2 at the first break. It was just as their opponents had set out to accomplish.

"When you're playing a man down, the main thing is you have to get off to a good start and jump to the early lead because later in the game the other team is going to be a lot fresher," said Scrappy.

Which is just as Sunday's game unfolded as Doo and his rookie linemate started to click in the offensive zone.

That kind of communication between linemates is key for two-man sides, said Scrappy. "You've got to know where the other guy is at all times and you have to have the same thoughts as to where the ball is going."

The missing man also creates challenges defensively, said Doo. "In this format, the direction changes so fast. You've got to realize when you're in front of some guy at one moment, because the next moment you can be behind him. That's the dynamics of the game."

It demands a quick read of the play and speedy reactions, both of which will give the roadsters who reported to Sunday's training camp an edge in next week's regular season opener, said Scrappy.

"They'll just be a step ahead of everyone else."

Posted by jaysuburb at September 26, 2010 05:11 PM

Looks like it will be a great opening weekend with perfect playing conditions. See you all on Sunday! (except Doo apparently)

Posted by: The Colonel at October 1, 2010 09:17 AM

Hey boys I can't make it this weekend.

Posted by: Doo at September 30, 2010 11:14 AM

Hey Roadsters,

Sorry I didn't make it out today, took a puck in the knee yesterday and am hobbled at the moment. Will be there next week, and I may have 1-2 extras coming.


Posted by: Gump at September 26, 2010 08:53 PM