November 08, 2009

Gump gives team a chance

The rain may have kept most of the roadsters away from Sunday's game, but that's when Gump comes to play.
The veteran goaltender made a number of huge saves in his first start of the season, but, more importantly for his tired teammates who didn't have the benefit of a spare player, he wasn't afraid to make some aggressive plays to initiate their offense by headmanning the ball up the court.
And while his playmaking efforts didn't prevent his side from succumbing, 18-16, in triple overtime, he kept them in a game that threatened to get out of their reach a few times.
"You've got to look to make plays," said the veteran keeper who time and again swept the ball up court instead of depositing behind his own net for a teammate to initiate the offense. "If you just keep throwing it behind the net on a freeze and they're out of position, it's better for me to just throw it up and hope we can get a couple of odd-man rushes out of it."
It also helped his team preserve their legs by not having to run back behind their own net as much.
"You've got to make sure your team gets breaks," said Gump., who honed his shotstopping skills at goaltending school over the off-season and seemed to put some of his training to good use Sunday with solid positioning and effective smothering of rebounds.
Those brief respites proved invaluable as the sides traded leads throughout the game, neither able to open up an advantage of more than two goals.
"Both teams had several chances to put it away," said Lak Attack. "It could have gone either way."
In the overtime it almost did, as Lak Attack's side took the first advantage, then gave up two straight goals to find themselves with their backs against the wall.
That's when Scrappy took over, as the young speedster found another gear and a deadly touch for finding holes in Gump's equipment even as he was right on top of the steadfast shotstopper.
He scored two straight goals, taking advantage of odds hops and fortuitous bounces to give his team the lead one last time.
"Scrappy really came on in the end," said Lak Attack.
"They got some lucky bounces off the back wall," said Gump.
As the game entered its third extra period, both sides knew they'd put up a good battle on a wet court, with no spare players.
"It was tough, because both teams had several chances to put it away," said Lak Attack.
"I thought we played well enough to win," said Gump.
And based on his performance in his first game, perhaps even deserved to win.

Posted by jaysuburb at November 8, 2009 09:25 PM

Great game to day roadsters, good to get back out.

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Posted by: Gump at November 8, 2009 09:34 PM